Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai Written Update 8th November 2019: Kairav gets impressed by Jolly

Today’s episode starts with Jolly asking Kairav why he is addressing him as new father. Kairav tells him that he already has a father but he doesn’t like him, as he always upsets his mother. He further reads few terms and asks Jolly to sign on the paper else he will return him. Jolly hugs Kairav.

Kartik goes to Naira. Naira lashes out Kartik for fulfilling Kairav’s stupid words. She asks Kartik what if Kairav comes to know about his lie, she fears Kairav will hate him more. Kartik says he wants to make a try for Kairav’s sake.

Here, Vansh and Kairav talks with each other. Vansh ask Kairav to keep a check on his new father whether he loves Naira or not. Kairav says he will cross check Jolly. Kartik and Suwarna over hear the duos talk and Kartik feels proud of Naira for the Kairav’s upbringing.

Ahead, Kairav brings Naira to show what Jolly has made for her. Naira sees flowers smileys. Naira gets irked. Kartik ask Kairav and Naira to cut the cake. Kairav’s gets happy. Kartik and Naira kisses Kairav. Kairav ask Jolly to kiss Naira. Naira about to say something but Jolly kisses Naira.

Afterwards, Kartik and Naira do argument. Kartik’s fake beard comes out. Naira sees Kairav and gets tensed. She hugs Kartik and Kairav stops far and gets happy seeing Naira and his new father is spending time. Kartik and Naira recalls their moments with each other. Later, Kairav thinks to overhear their talk. Naira asks Kartik to stick his beard else he will be exposed in front of Kairav today only. Kairav makes a video of Jolly and Naira.

Next week: Kartik as Jolly performs a dance for Kairav and Naira. He falls down. Naira calls out Kartik’s name and Kairav stands speechless.