Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain: Happy News for the Goenkas

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain, Naira, Karthik and Kairav go to school for parents teachers meeting while the family will plan for a picnic to celebrate the arrival of Luv and Khush.

Luv Khush will snub the idea of picnic and suggest biking and Manish will get excited and declare he will go with them. Naira, Karthik will happily announce that Kairav is getting an award for best student of the year.

Gayu will mention that Vansh received the same award last year while Suhasini will tell Naira he is a true Goenka, as Mani, Akhil, Karthik all received same award. Swarna will suggest Naira to make Kairav’s favorite cupcakes. Naira and Karthik will bake in the kitchen feeling excited for their son.

Luv, Khush will be smoking in backyard and Kairav come there. Khush will hide cigarette as Kairav will ask Luv where is the smoke coming from. Luv will convince Kairav not to tell anyone about the smoke if he want to be part of their gang. He agree.

Naira will get cigarette smell from Kairav’s clothes and inform Karthik about it. Karthik will tell its not possible as no one smoke in their house. Just then maid will tell Karthik that she found a cigarette packet in Luv’s clothes while washing.

Karthik and Naira will ask about it to Luv and Khush in front of anyone showing the packet. They will get shocked but lie.

Surekha will get offended for blaming her sons without proof and Kairav will lie saying the smell could be due to garbage cans in backyard in order to be in their gang. Suhasini will ask Naira to be careful next time before accusing. Naira will feel guilty and cry while Karthik console her. Luv will think Trisha is behind this and will plan to take his revenge in her 26th Jan dance event.

 Karthik, Naira, Luv , Khush and kids play baseball and Luv gets annoyed to see Trisha and remark it’s a boys game. Naira will take it as challenge and make a boys vs girls match and they eventually win. Later Gayu and Samarth shares a happy news that Gay is pregnant and the family rejoice.

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