Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain: Luv Khush’s birthday plans

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain, Luv and Khush tell the family they want race bikes as birthday gift. Manish will cheer them while Akhil say no but Karthik promise to buy them. Later Naira will ask him not to buy them Bikes as its risky and they are young. Surekha will overhear and misunderstand Naira.

Naira will make all arrangements for Luv, Khush grand birthday party but they both bring their friends gang and tell everyone that they are going to party in their room with friends. The family will get sad and Naira will everyone that she will go and bring them for cake cutting.

The friends will bring beer bottles and Luv, Khush get scared and deny as its not allowed in their house. When their friends tease them about being kids still, they agree to drink and party. When Naira knock the door they all will hide the beer bottles, she will bring Luv, Khush for cake cutting and their friends make fun of them and records video. Vansh and Kairav will go to their room to keep their gifts and take the bottle thinking its cool drink.

Luv, Khush will stop them and give excuse but they both will insist. The friends tell them that delivery boy has come with beer bottles and Samarth is outside talking on phone. Luv will ask Vansh and Kairav to sneak out wearing their backpacks and get the drinks without telling anyone. The kids will agree and do as they say.

Naira will see Vansh and Kairav going up Luv, Khush room with bags and wonder. Luv, Khush will add normal juice to empty beer can and give to kids as they will be stubborn to taste it. Naira and Karthik will come to the room and everyone will get shocked and hide the bottles behind their backs.

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