Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyar Ke- Meenakshi to try better to separate Kunal and Kuhu!

We have some exciting spoilers straight from the sets of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke. Fans of Abir and Mishti’s pair can rejoice as in the upcoming episode the much in love couple are going to perform together. They will share a romantic moment which is going to be quite a treat for the fans of their sizzling chemistry. Their love story is going smooth in the show as of now. The main concern is for another pair of the show Kunal and Kuhu at the moment. As much as Abir and Mishti are trying to get Kunal and Kuhu along together, the circumstances are leading to more distance being created between them. Kunal and Kuhu are also in love with each other.

However, this might not be the right time for their romance as Meenakshi has brought Sweta up to create a rift between them and separate them forever. Meenakshi is not going to give up so soon. She has realized how Kuhu and Kunal are deeply falling for each other. Therefore, she even took the step of going back to the woman whom she sent off from her son’s life with loads of money. She has offered more money for the woman to return now and cause trouble. She is using Sweta to confuse Kunal and make him leave the idea of doing anything with Kuhu. Meanwhile, Abir will spot Kunal and Sweta together from afar and will be concerned about Kunal. He will want to make things right for Kunal and he is aware of Sweta’s cunning ways and lies to get through him. Will he be able to save Kunal from falling prey to another of her scheme? Let’s wait and watch.

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