Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke written update 22nd July 2019- Shayra promised to take care of Noor Happiness

The episode begins with Abir is knocking at the door of Parul, Nanu comes from behind and asks him what he is doing here? Abir says he hears his mother and Parul is talking about some secrets so he wants to know what they are hiding. Here, Kuhu shares the incident of Mishti wants to be her friend with Kunal. Kunal again manipulates Kuhu against Mishti and makes her believe that Mishti is doing everything with a purpose. He asks Kuhu to preserve her happiness from Mishti. Nanu and Abir are conversing with each other and Nanu diverts his mind from the topic of Parul and Meenakshi and asks him to approach Mishti during the marriage rituals. He gives so many filmy ideas and at last told him to say I love you Mishti, to start their love story. Abir says more than I love you it is important for me to make Mishti realize that I will be with her in every situation of life. Abir left for his room and Yashpal wonders what topic can be discussed between Meenakshi and Parul which put Abir into thoughts.

In the morning everyone is rushing here and there and preparing for engagement of Kuhu. Meanwhile, Vishwambhar comes and asks for Mishti, she comes down and says she has to leave for NGO and she will be back within one hour. Abir also called Vishwambhar and takes his permission for her and also assured him that he will drop her at home on time. Vishwambhar agrees and allows Mishti to go.

Mishti left, Vishwambhar asks the family member to halt there and he says we are not able to count Mishti as our family member because if it was Akshara in her place, Varsha will never ask her to go and say sorry. She has no work today at NGO but still, she left because she is feeling sabotaged by her own family.

In the Rajvansh house, Meenakshi asks Kunal to ask his fiance to fix the engagement dress as it is loose as per his measurement. Nanu pulls Kunal’s leg, while Parul asks him to let her fix the coat for him. Kunal gets happy and handover the coat to her. Phone rings and Parul picks it up, Swetha informs that she wants to talk to Meenakshi as she has some payment pending issue. Kunal is about to take the call, Meenakshi intervenes and start to talk over the phone as if the call is from a bank regarding the loan application. Swetha in forms Meenakshi that she wants to meet her today only regarding an important discussion. Meenakshi says today is Kunal’s engagement so she will come to meet tomorrow.

Mishti is an NGO when she remembers all the events that happened last night and tries to make herself understood. Vishwambhar appears there, he assures Mishti to come with him and keep faith on him. He told her that Abir informs him about her location. Mishti gets angry on Abir.

Kunal and his family arrive at Maheshwari house. Varsha welcomes Kunal whereas Kuhu is getting ready for her engagement. Everyone is looking so happy and cheerful for happiness occurs in the family. On the other hand, Kuhu is in a dilemma about asking Mishti about her feelings for Abir. Mishti gives her the bracelet she is looking for, Rajshree comes to take Kuhu down. She asks Mishti to set her hair and get down soon. She is looking for earrings in the mirror when Abir enters her room secretly and gives her a bangle.

Precap: Abir and Mishti spend some moments. Later Abir spots Kunal with Swetha in front of Maheswari house.