Yeh Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd July 2019 Written Update- Shweta creates drama at Kunal and Kuhu engagement

The episode begins with Abir gives Mishti a diamond bangle. Mishti says I shouldn’t ask you for help when Abir ask for an apology from her. She says that my bade papa is so tense right now because of me and I don’t want to become a burden on him. Abir asks her to shut up and says by terming yourself a burden you are not only insulting your self-respect but also the person who raised you with so much confidence trust and love. Have you ever watched how bade papa behaves when he talks about you? There was a glow and proud in his face while he talks about you, it is not because you are a daughter like to him but you are his daughter. Mishti gets overwhelmed by Abir’s words.

Abir says consider yourself lucky that you have someone in your life who cares for you, I still don’t know whether my father loves me or not. Mishti asks Abir not to feel bad when Abir pulls her leg and says you are talking more nonsense today. Abir opens her hair knot and asks her why did you deny when your grandmother asks you about loving someone? She turns her face away and smiles shyly.

In the hall all get settled for engagement, Meenakshi says we will do the engagement as per your house rituals. Rajshri, Varsha and Vishwambhar get happy to listen to all this when Meenakshi asks for permission to call Mishti down at the engagement. Rajshri shows her the way to Mishti’s room.

Here, Abir asks Mishti where she is going without answering his question? He asks her why she didn’t wear his gift? She says I don’t need it but if you can make me wear this gift then I will give an answer to your question. On the other hand, if you are unable to do so then what will you do? Abir says I will trim my hairs then. Meenakshi calls for Mishti when she asks Abir to hide to avoid any misunderstanding. Meenakshi enters the room and sees Mishti and compliments her. Mishti goes down with her while Abir remains at the room.

Abir gets down and looks for chances to make Mishti wear the bracelet. Mishti goes behind Rajshri, then Kuhu and Kunal on stage so that Abir doesn’t get any chance to make her wear the bangle. Aankhon ki gustakhiyan plays in the background, Abir takes a flower from put and throws it on Mishti. Then Abir starts to walk backward parallel to Mishti and gets collided with Vishwambhar. Nanu comes to Mishti and asks her to take a picture of him with Abir but she clicks her own selfie and bits them goodbye. Abir almost made her wear bangles but she tricked him and follows him with a scissor to cut his hair. Abir stumbles on Rajshri and his face got a vermillion stain.

Kunal gets a phone call, he gets up from the stage. Abir and Mishti are in the Mishti’s room where Mishti tries to wash his face but he pretends to be angry and finally makes Mishti wear the bangle. Mishti gets shy and runs to the window, Abir also comes behind her but gets shocked to see Shwetha is hugging Kunal. Abir and Mishti decided to get down. Kuhu watches Kunal from a distance. Swetha taunts Kuhu that he doesn’t love you, it’s just that when I left him he gets engaged to your sister and then he is getting engaged to you, actually, he is a kid and doesn’t know how to handle rejection? Swetha tries to poison Kuhu against Kunal but Kuhu says Kunal I trust you and asks Shweta to leave as soon as possible or else she will not spare her. Kuhu asks Kunal to come soon as she will wait for him.

Kunal asks Shweta as nothing is left between them, Abir comes there and calls Shweta nightmare of Kunal whom he forgets now. Mishti comes thereafter Swetha left and question Kunal why he is always angry with her and why there are different choices for groom and bride side? Here Swetha calls Meenakshi for updates, Meenakshi appreciates her and tells her to check her account when Parul listen to it from a distance.

Precap: Nanu calls Abir and Mishti and is about to announce something regarding them.