Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 1st July, 2019 :-Kuhu-Mishti and Kunal-Abir are at loggerheads

The episode starts with Mishti and Abir are standing together when Abir says I know what you are thinking and Mishti replies Kuhu and Kunal must be left alone. Abir says let them be and maybe they have something to talk about. Mishti says what if there is nothing to talk Abir says even the silence speaks so much , it’s just you need to listen.

A cab comes Abir and Mishti sits in the car. In Maheshwari house, Rajshri gets some messages in her whatsapp when the phone rings. Vishwambhar picks up the call when Meenakshi says its me, they get alerts. She sees her phone and tayaji says to Meenakshi whatever you will speak please speak with care. Meenakshi says you need to take care first of caring and if I have call at night then there is something important. She continues that sorry to say but you are unable to control your daughters.

Tayaji says our kids never committed any wrong doing till today. Tayiji shows him her phone. Tayaji sees pictures of Kunal and Kuhu together. Meenakshi says your daughters are exchanging relations as if they are changing clothes. You elder daughter Mishti broke alliance with my son Kunal and now your younger daughter is doing the honours. I will not tolerate this kind of things. She cute the call. Mishti says there are a lot of problems in the life of Kunal and Kuhu, We must try to think about their happiness, Abir asks what about your happiness? Mishti looks at him and Abir says what about yourself. Mishti says I will be happy if my family is happy. Abir says what if someone happiness depends on your smile?

Mishti says everything is already so messed up, when Kuhu first time told Varsha aunty that she loves him, she gets angry with her. What will happen when your mom will get to know about it? Abir says I will handle it this is part of our story. Mishti says one story is slowly building up so why make it more complicated? We can’t back off due to consequences when Mishti says I think whatever is in our destiny. That will mean to happen. Suddenly thunderstorms occurred and it starts to rain heavily.

The driver asks Mishti to come a bit in right side, unknowingly she keeps hand on Abir hands and shifted in right side. The title song plays in BG, they intertwined their fingers. Abir says I believe in destiny too and now when the universe is giving me signs I will not take my step back.

Maheswari house Sharuya comes and informs his father about son of Mr,. Chauhan. Sourav is coming to Rajkot and I am thinking if you have no problem then let’s make Kuhu meet Sourav. Jasmin says you don’t have to worry as your daughter is herself meeting with boys.Jasmin shows Varsha and Shaurya the pictures of Kuhu and Kunal. Shaurya’s father says Kuhu used to meet Kunal and attend parties without informing me.

Varsha murmurs they promised me that nothing sort of this will happen ever. Shaurya’s mom asks Varsha whom are you talking about? Varsha says Mishti and Kuhu both. What they have promised? Varsha says that they will not meet Kunal and Abir. Jasmin says I know from earlier that Kuhu likes Kunal. Shaurya gets surprised. Jasmin says as Mishti’s alliance is broken now she is taking her chance. Shaurya confronts Varsha about the matter.

In car Mishti says I have to tell Badi ma the whole truth, I can speak anymore lies. Abir asks what about yourself? Do you explore your inner self. Mishti says I only care about Kunal and Kuhu. For them I am speaking lies at my home everyday, I have to stop it. Abir asks and you will continue to lie your inner self? both eyes are locked. Car stops, Kunal is waiting outside of the house. He sees Abir and Mishti together and Abir says you can’t win with your inner self, no one can. Kunal reminds of Shweta’s words about Abir and watch them.

Mishti says I have to go home, Abir leaves her hand. Parul cries at room seeing the pictures of Abir and Kunal childhood. Nanu says the walls of this house have hidden so many pains, now you don’t need to hide your tears. Mishti asks Kuhu to confess about it to the whole family even if we get scolded. Kuhu taunts her that is your diet’s cheat day? Then why you want to eat scoldings? No one will say anything to you but me. Mishti assures her that nothing that sort of will happen, Kuhu says this will happen only.

Mishti asks her to understand her point of view. The families are at loggerheads and you fall in love with the son of the rivalry family, we have to deal with it. Kuhu asks how will I deal? please let happen something good in my life. Me and Kunal didn’t even went for a date yet…..please continue to speak lies as long as it is possible.

If you are trying to become the statue of honesty, I will not spare you. Nanu tells Parul some words of wise and asks her to convert her weakness into her strength. Parul says I never questioned her till now, but now I have to speak up as it is the need of the hour. Mishti and Kuhu come home and all are waiting for them. Dadu asks her from where you are coming? Kuhu lies but Mishti tells dadaji the entire truth. She says Kuhu is Kunal’s friend, she is his friend from very long and whatever happened between us does not conclude that the entire family is bad.

Dadaji says relations are made between families as well. Dadaji says the way they behaved I won’t tolerate even the relation of revenge between us, so your friendship is over from today onwards. Kuhu cries and says no, Mishti tries to say something but Dadaji stops her.

Here Abeer and Nanco are fighting in the house. Abir says I will not listen to you until you tell me the answers regarding Swetha. Kunal says I have nothing to do with Swetha, I don’t care what she does. Abir says you really mean what you are saying? Look at me and answer. Here Mishti and Kuhu says we are scared to tell you anything. Kuhu says because we know you people will react the way you are reacting now.

Kuhu says is the independence of a girl is conditioned as per family’s convenience? As long as my freedom is not affecting the terms and conditions of families everything was fine. Kunal came to marry me, his mom exchanged the alliance at last moment but I kept quiet. But Mishti broke the alliance and he still talks to me. I love him from the very beginning what is wrong with it?

Dadaji says I may appear cruel to you but you will not meet him anymore. Kunal says we were in a relation and yes her presence affected me, but I still distanced myself from her because of you. Abir says I don’t want to take decisions on your behalf. You should take your call yourself. You can see who is wrong and who is right? Kunal says you should get that as well. Meenakshi comes there and says be in limit while talking to your elder brother.

Kunal left from there and Abir feels helpless. Parul and Meenakshi exchanges an eye lock. Mishti tries to pacify Kuhu but Kuhu lashes out at her. Kuhu says to Mishti I swear to god that you will never get the one you will love in life.

Precap : Kunal says I guess Abir loves Mishti and Meenakshi slapped him. Here Abir plays guitar and thinks about Mishti.