Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 9th July 2019 :- Mishti admits Abir in hospital


The episode starts with Kunal searching for his brother in the storm when the policeman stops him from going further due to bad weather. He tries to tell them that his brother is stuck somewhere but they don’t listen and asks him to back off. Kuhu gets up and finds out Mishti is missing and puts pillows in her place to fool her mother.

Meanwhile, Mishti is also searching for Abir and asks some passerby whether they have seen any car with this number. The folks tell her a Dhaba blows away in this storm, we didn’t know about cars, they ask her to come with them but she runs saying I have to rescue my friend.

Varsha comes to check Mishti and Kuhu. She and Rajshri discuss their meeting with Abir in the temple. She says Abir words and determination is so pure that I want to believe him. Rajshri says Abir has honesty in his words and honesty does get believed easily. Varsha wants to go with Kuhu’s happiness and get her engaged with Kunal. Varsha prays to god for Abir goodness.

Meenakshi calls Kunal and asks about Abir. He says it is impossible to find Bhai in this weather, Meenakshi gets angry when Parul takes the phone from her. She sternly tells him to call Mishti as she goes out earlier to look for Abir. She says both of you can find out about Abir. She says his ego is not as important as his brother.

Kuhu thinks about whether her family will consider Abir words or not. Kunal calls Kuhu and enquires about Mishti. He tells her Abir is missing, and maybe she is also searching for him. He asks her to call Mishti and try to know if she gets any clue about Abir or not. Kuhu says I am taking her in the conference call.

Here in the side of a road, a car flips upside down and petrol is leaking when it was shown that Abir is inside. The wires are flashing and the glass of the car gets a crack. He is unconscious and lying inside.

Kuhu takes Mishti on the conference and talks sweetly in front of Kunal. Mishti tells about the restaurant at the end of the road and Kunal gets an idea about where to search. Mishti confronts policemen and decides to go further in another way whereas Kunal’s car reaches there at that moment. When the police get distracted by Kunal’s car, Mishti runs to the other end of the checkpoint.

Meanwhile, Abir gets conscious in the car and tries to pick up Kunal’s call. Here Mishti is calling for Abir and searching with her mobile phone light on. The petrol is still leaking along with some sparkling wires in the car. His foot gets stuck in the steering and he tries to free it. The wires are flashed and smash the mirror resulting in a piece of glass getting stuck in his chest.

Mishti finally sees the car and gets shocked to see Abir’s condition and tries to open the car door but fails. Dheere Dheere sad version plays in the background. She asks for help but finds no one the area because of the storm. Kunal thinks maasi is right and I need to call Mishti for sake of that’s life. Mishti assures Abir that she is there and cries.

Mishti breaks the car window with the help of a tree branch piece to help him out. She asks him not to sleep and asks him to hold her hand. She gets a van and puts Abir on it. When the petrol burst and the car gets on fire. She gets him to the hospital and gets worried as he is unconscious. She asks him to get up and tell her how his painting girl looks like. As she wants to see her from his point of view.

She meets the doctor and asks him to take care of Abir. The doctor tells her he will take care of her husband, she gets confused for a moment.

She tries calling his family, but the nurse tells her the networks are not working due to the storm. She cries and remembers their moment when the nurse does her first aid. Abir wakes up in the morning to find himself in the hospital room with Mishti. He gets delighted to learn about Mishti’s care for him.

When Mishti wakes up, Abir pretends of still being unconscious and is not ready to leave her hand. He pulls her hand even further while Mishti is afraid about anybody watching her like that. Yashpal gets a call from the hospital to inform about Abir’s accident. Meenakshi gets worried to learn this.

Kunal gets a call from Kuhu stating Mishti is still missing. They both figure out Mishti is the one who saved Abir and took him to the hospital. Kunal asks Kuhu to meet him at the hospital. Kuhu thank god and says I hope Mishti and you and your bones are intact. while Meenakshi is also suspicious about the savior of Abir.

Precap: Mishti cries and says what is the need of risking your life to bring food in the cyclone. What if something happened to you? Abir wakes up and says answer me and I will tell you who is in my painting?

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