Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 9th August 2019 written update:- Meenakshi tries to sabotage Mishti again

The episode starts with Meenakshi and her entire family arrives at Maheswari house for Henna ceremony. Meenakshi comes with lots of jewelry and gifts. Rajshri asks why so many things? Meenakshi says she is giving all these to her daughter-in-law. Hence, no one can say or do anything in this matter. She asks for Mishti when Rajshri says she is getting ready. Here in the room, Mishti and Ananya are getting ready and Ananya asks Mishti to fix her necklace when she finds Mishti lost somewhere, she asks her but she denies.

Later on, Mishti comes to hall area of the house and announces Kuhu will become Rajvansh soon as Maheswaris this is our last day together, hence we will celebrate like the best. She announces that she has a surprise in store for all the family members specially Shaurya uncle and Varsha aunty. All looks on and Ananya comes forward and Kuhu gets immensely happy and excited to see her there. She runs and hugs her in happiness and tells her that she is very happy to see her here. All thanks Mishti for such a delightful and sweet surprise. While Meenakshi asks Kuhu is Ananya is your blood-related sister? Kuhu nods in approval but Parul listen to her words and think what she is up to?

Meenakshi asks to start the Henna ceremony of Kuhu and Kunal while Mishti understands what she is trying to do. She excuses herself saying she will bring the henna cones. Abir comes there and asks her what is the matter? Mishti says nothing and tries to go from there when Abir asks why did you call me? Mishti says he was drunk last night hence she wants to ask him if he is alright? Abir tells her I asked you one thing but didn’t get any reply. Hence, I will not ask any question from you anymore but will find the answer myself. I will confess about it to the entire world about what is stored in your and my mind? Today I will show you a small trailer.

Henna celebration started in the house and Abir with the family members are performing on Mehndi Laga ke rakhna song. Abir hints Mishti through the song about his feelings while Mishti gets scared. Meenakshi asks Mishti to bring Henna cones after their dance gets over. She signs Mishti and takes a cone and draws the first line of henna in Kuhu’s hand. Meenakshi hands over the cone to Varsha and looks at Mishti so that she does the drama. Mishti asks Varsha to stop and is about to say something when accidentally Abir plays the clip of Nidhi is telling Meenakshi wicked woman in a drunken state. All gets disturbed and Kuhu and Maheswari family smiles listen to this. Abir says he doesn’t know how to operate a phone and asks sorry. Mishti leaves from there while Meenakshi is about to go but Nidhi stops her.

Henna gets applied on Kuhu’s hand and Meenakshi’s plan failed. Mishti comes in room and thanks Abir for handling the situation but Abir reaches there and asks her for what she is thanking him? Here Kunal fears that maybe Mishti has said everything to Abir, Meenakshi says that is not possible and asks Kunal to take care of Kuhu while Parul listens to their conversation. Mishti asks Abir are you a stalker? Spy? Mobile network? that you are following me everywhere. She is about to go but Abir stops her and they share a long eye lock. Abir gives her an ultimatum of two days.

Here Ananya compliments Kuhu and Kunal couple and asks for Mishti as she wants to feed her sweets first for this happy day. Kuhu gets upset and Kunal sits beside her. Kuhu again talks ill about Mishti and says she always gets highlighted all the time. Mishti tries to wash her henna but Meenakshi comes there and congratulates her for the henna ceremony of Kuhu and Kunal and threatened her for the ill consequences for not obeying her words. Mishti cries while Parul listens to their talks and understand that Mishti is being blackmailed by Meenakshi.

Precap – Mishti and Abir part ways.