Yeh Rishtey hai Pyaar Ke: Abir and Mishti to cross paths0

Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishtey hai Pyaar Ke is garnering more attention with its small leap. In the upcoming episode Ananya will receive Mishti and will be surprised to see her without specs. Mishti will tell her she is now 2. 0 version and no more specs. Kunal will tell the family that Abir no longer writes poetry. Ketki and him make a bet, if they winhe has to do as she says. And if they lose, Kuhu will feed him food with her hands. Kuhu and Kunal deny but others will insist to bet. Kuhu will request Abir to write poetry. Abir will tell her she is a winner and don’t need his help. Kunal will smile smugly at them as he won. Ketki will tell him Kuhu will feed him tonight.

Abir and Kunal will leave for office, and Abir will tell Kunal he is glad that he didn’t divorce Kuhu and decided to give a chance to his marriage. Kunal will change the topic. They decide to have breakfast at a café as Abir already placed order For khichidi over phone. Ananya will tell Mishti they have to while away two hours in order to surprise.

Mishti will see a café and want to have Kichidi. Abir and Kunal will come to same café and will not notice Mishti and Ananya sitting at a nearby table. Mishti will order for Khichidi and waiter will tell them there was only one and they gave to someone near entry table. Mishti will tell them they came first but the waiter tell her he placed order before.

Kunal step out to take a call. Ananya tell her waiter is serving her Khichidi to some guy. They turn to see Abir’s head from back. Abir too step out to take call. Mishti go over to his table and take some of his khichidi to her plate and will leave a note. Kunal and Abir come back to their table and see a half plate. Abir will find the note where its written sorry but she has a right to this khichidi first. Abir will find the note strange but ignore it.

Kuhu will show the decoration for anniversary party to Varsha and Jasmeet surprising them. They will be delighted when Ananya come in and bring Mishti. Kuhu will tell her she is looking smart and Mishti tell them she is version 2. 0. Kuhu will tell Mishti that she feel something is missing and Mishti will get an idea.

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