Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke: Mehul an Innocent or a man with a hidden agenda?


Star Plus one of the most popular daily show Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke has the audience engrossed right from its initial episodes. The main reasons being Interesting plots, realistic characters and No Saas Bahu drama. Another most important reason is the mind-boggling chemistry between the leads Abir and Misti played by Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma. The show has now taken an interesting turn with the entry of Abir’s father Mehul.

Ever since Mehul has stepped inside the Rajvansh house, Meenakshi feels her hold on her son slipping away. Mehul and Abir have forged a bond that goes beyond Father and son, and more like best friends. The entire Rajvansh family hates Mehul for abandoning his family years ago and for the forgery he did in Yashpal’s company.

Although Mehul claims he is innocent and that he ran away panicked, a question arises in our mind that is he really what he claims to be or is there something else? We all know Meenakshi Rajvansh has some shades of grey and whatever she has done so far is to protect her family. Kunal too has some shades of grey and like Meenakshi, he too has done things for family sake. They are not necessarily evil but they are not pure-hearted either.

Mehul, on the other hand, is still a puzzle. Abir is the only one who believes him as he was a kid when left and he loves his father unconditionally. Even Abir doesn’t know the full story. In recent episodes, we saw that Mehul takes Abir to Maheshwari’s house and fixes his alliance with Mishti without informing anyone. This even shocks Abir and due to which now the entire Rajvansh family is hurt and upset with Abir. When Meenakshi confronted Mehul for making a plan to separate her from Abir he claims he only did it for Abir’s happiness and nothing else.

Well, we just have to wait and see if Mehul is really the innocent one or he has come back with a hidden agenda of his own. To know more keeping watching and stay tuned to tellyexpress for more updates on your favorite show.

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