Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar 13th February 2020 Written Update: Abir offers his help to Kunal to get Kuhu back

The episode starts with Abir and Kunal coming down with Kuhu’s bag. Rajshri asks Varsha if they shall take Kunal with them too. Nidhi asks if they want to make him a househusband. Mishti says it’s a great idea since if Kuhu and Kunal leave she will reign in the house as a queen. Everybody except Kuhu laugh. Nidhi says that her Kuhu is the best and also Mishti is awesome. Abir thinks that he has to stop Kuhu. Parul says that she doesn’t want Kuhu to leave. Abir says that he and Kunal will bring both their brides back soon.

Kuhu and Kunal look at each other one last time before Maheshwari leave. Kuhu thinks that she will not come back in this house again after today. Mishti thinks that she has to come back in this house the next day but wonders how they will stay together if Abir doesn’t talk with Meenakshi.

Kuhu and Mishti enter in their room and Kuhu wonders how she will tell her secret to everybody. Mishti asks Kuhu how she managed to make her place in a new house and says that everybody loves her so much. She asks Kuhu how she manages to become the centre of attraction wherever she goes.

Kuhu tells Mishti that today she was the centre of the attraction though. Mishti replies that it is just because it’s her marriage. Kuhu counts the time every time Mishti has been the centre of the situation and Mishti says that they were all some difficult situations and tells Kuhu that she makes everything around her look like a Karan Johar movie. She hopes for the drama in her life to get reduced.

Rajshri and Varsha come there and asks them to sleep on time. Rajshri gifts Kuhu the earrings which belonged to Akshara. Mishti asks for her gift and Rajshri snatches her phone saying that this is her gift: no phone for whole the night. She asks both of them to sleep and then leave. Mishti thinks that tomorrow her new life is going to start. Kuhu thinks that tomorrow everything is going to finish.

On the other hand Abir wonders if Mishti knows about Kuhu and Kunal and messages her asking if she knows that there are problems between them and they are going to divorce too.

Varsha comes downstairs and gets the message as she is holding Mishti’s phone but before she can see it Jasmeet asks her to think about what she had told her regarding Mishti snatching Kuhu’s happiness if she goes into Rajvansh Mansion too. Jasmeet leaves. Varsha says that Mishti might have received an urgent message but the phone is locked.

Kunal refuses to talk with Abir about the matter. Abir gets angry and starts packing his things. Kunal asks him to calm down and take it easy. Abir says that he has understood that he doesn’t want to stay with Kuhu and they had forced him so now he will get rid from Kuhu for him.

Meenakshi tells Nanu that she has given this house to Mishti and asks him if Abir will forgive her now. Nanu says that she can’t buy Mishti and Abir. Meenakshi tells him that it’s just a blessing and reveals that she is leaving tomorrow.

Kunal asks Abir if he really wants him to leave Kuhu. Abir says that he is the one who wants it and blames himself for not fighting for him when Meenakshi forcefully got him married to Kuhu. He says that it must be a punishment for him to stay with a person he doesn’t like. He is about to remove Kuhu and Kunal’s picture and Kunal asks him to be careful. Abir says that they are careful about things they care about not strange people like Kuhu who talks a lot of nonsense and isn’t a bit like Kunal.

The latter asks him to stop and tells Abir that he doesn’t know if Kuhu is different from him since he is discovering himself now only. He blames himself for doing so wrong with Kuhu who has stayed with him and his family despite everything and has even become so important for everybody. He says that she is very different and he cannot let her leave. Kunal turns around and sees Abir smiling and realizes he was just doing drama till now. Abir tells him that if this is the way he says that he loves Kuhu, it’s an awful way.

Kunal says that he is unable to talk like him and blames himself for not being able to tell Kuhu that he wants this marriage not this divorce. Abir says that he needs to tell this to Kuhu who doesn’t know thelepathy even though she is awesome. Kunal asks if he will help him and Abir replies of course. They hug. Kunal looks at his and Kuhu’s picture. Abir tells him that he is proud of him and now that he is going to fight for his love, he will stand with him.

The next morning Parul sees Meenakshi making the haldi and Parul tells her that she will take this haldi for the ritual only. Meenakshi thanks her. Nanu sees that and thinks that Meenakshi has changed a lot and is making so many efforts. He wonders if he shall talk to Abir or Mishti.

Kuhu looks at her divorce and thinks that she has to reveal about it to her mother. Mishti is excited abour her wedding while Kuhu is sad. Mishti notices that and asks her why she isn’t taunting her as usual. Kuhu is not in the mood. Mishti says that she and Kunal are both strange and recalls how he was dancing and flirting with Kuhu last day. She says that she thought that they both will go to a romantic date after the party but instead she came here. Kuhu recalls arguing with Kunal before leaving.

Later they both come downstairs. Title track plays while Mishti happily dances with everybody.
At the same time Abir’s haldi function starts too and everybody applies haldi on him while Meenakshi looks at them from corner.

Maheshewari family dances happily together. Rajshri asks Mishti to be less impatient but she is very excited.
Kunal receives a message from Kuhu who wants to meet him. Abir snatches his phone and replies Kuhu.

Mishti takes her family’s picture with Kuhu’s phone thinking that there is nobody luckier than her in this world. She receives a call from lawyer who asks Kuhu to meet her before the hearing as she will wait for her outisde the court at 2.45pm. Mishti gets confused. Kuhu gets back her phone and pretends that it was a call from Fourt Spa not court.

Mishti says that she heard court. Kuhu says that she shouldn’t have heard anything since it’s her call. Mishti insists that she wants to come with spa with her but Kuhu refuses so Mishti calls the spa herself to take an appointment with Kuhu. Surprisingly the spa receptionist tells her that Kuhu really has an appointment at 2.45pm. Mishti

apologizes to Kuhu saying she got worried as she heard court and thought there is a problem. Kuhu says that she is the biggest problem in her life and asks her to think about the wedding only. Mishti apologizes but Kuhu asks her not to say sorry and just not create any drama today. She goes upstairs and thinks that she had taken the appointment at spa thankfully but she has to go to court and once back she will have to reveal everything to everyone.

Episode ends

Precap: Abir and Kunal come in Mishti’s haldi function dressed up as two women. They dance on “Pallo latke”. Mishti gets surprised seeing Abir in that get up.