Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar 18th February 2020 Written Update: Kuhu demands to get married on Mishti and Abir’s mandap

The episode starts with Mishti and Abir decorating the mandir together. “Dheere dheere” plays. They have some cute moments while decorating the mandap. A transparent cloth falls on them. They look at each other and then hug. Mishti runs away and Abir chases her. He pins her against a wall and makes her wear a garland giving her one too which she puts around his neck. They go back towards the mandap and pretend to take the vows after Abir lifts Mishti in his arms.


Meanwhile Jasmeet asks Varsha to stop Kunal from signing the papers or else Kuhu and Kunal’s relation will get broken because of Mishti. Kunal says the blame must be upon her, nobody else. He is about to sign the papers but Kuhu takes them saying that she is not going to sign. Shaurya asks her not to stay caged in this marriage but Kuhu tells him that Kunal has changed or else he would not have asked for her hand from him. Kunal looks at her smiling. Nanu says that everything that ends good is good only. Kunal asks Shaurya and Varsha to give blessings. Shaurya asks Kuhu why she is suddenly saying all this. Kuhu turns towards Meenakshi and says that she made her understand that all this is her right and she shouldn’t leave her right. Kunal requests Shaurya to let him marry Kuhu again. Shaurya asks Vishambharnat to take the decision. Vishambharnat goes to Nanu and says that they just know how to make relationships and asks him to make sure that no injustice will be done with both of their daughters because they really don’t know whom to trust. Kunal asks him to trust him and says that Kuhu will stay happy forever. Vishambharnat agrees and asks them to come with baraat. Everybody gets happy but just then Kuhu asks whose baraat.


Later Abir tells Mishti that now she is his so nothing can happen. Mishti says that he is hers as well. Kunal comes and they look at them.


On the other hand Rajshri is not convinced about what Kuhu asked. Jasmeet says that Kuhu is right only. Rajshri asks Vishambharnat what he has thought. Vishambharnat replies that if they don’t agree to do what Kuhu asked then Mishti will be blamed of breaking relations and much more.


Abir and Mishti get happy hearing that the family agreed to get Kunal and Kuhu married again. Kunal says that Kuhu has asked for something. Mishti says that he should give it to her. Kunal says that he can’t without asking them. Abir says that it’s a yes from his side and doesn’t even let Kunal explain what Kuhu asked for. Mishti asks him what she has asked.

Vishambharnat says that he is worried because he has to choose between two daughters once again and he is sure about Mishti’s answer because there is a request in front of her not a choice and he knows she will agree to fulfill Kuhu’s request. Jasmeet says that their family has done a lot of favors on Mishti so it’s fine. Vishambharnat blames himself for not speaking up to defend Mishti in the recent days thinking that Jasmeet needs time after Nishant’s heartbreak. He reminds that their family has done a lot of favors on Nishant and Kuhu too. Jasmeet apologizes. Vishambharnat says that this family is both hers and Mishti’s equally and adds that he isn’t going to stay silent the next time Mishti gets insulted.

Kunal tells Abir and Mishti that Kuhu never got her dream marriage and now she wants to celebrate her special day. Abir asks what’s wrong with that. Mishti understands that this is not what Kuhu wants. Kunal says that Kuhu wants their mandap, she wants to get married today itself on this mandap. He asks Abir and Mishti if they can give them the mandap. Abir apologizes saying that he can’t do that because this mandap is also Mishti’s not only his.

On the other hand Nidhi brings Kuhu back to home and is excited for her remarriage. Kuhu thinks that there can’t be fun in her life until Mishti is there since she is sure that Mishti will not agree to give her the mandap and will do drama.

Shaurya asks Mishti not to feel pressurized since this mandap belongs to her only. Varsha says that she can say no and she will talk to Kuhu. Kunal apologizes for asking them something instead of giving. He says that he knows he has done wrong with Mishti but now he can’t even say no to Kuhu. Mishti asks him to say yes. Kuhu comes. Mishti says that Kuhu got this mandap. Kunal hugs her thanking her and calls her “bhabhi”. Everybody praises Mishti who says that she got Abir and doesn’t need anything else. Abir says that he doesn’t need anything too and adda that they wish to escape and marry. Everybody laughs.

Varsha goes to Kuhu and tells her that her marriage will happen today. Vishambharnat asks Kuhu if she is happy. She nods in a yes so he goes to talk to pandit ji since two weddings are going to happen now. Nidhi says that they are ready to do palla dastoor ritual as well.

Mishti and Kuhu sit down. Mishti asks her if she is happy and Kuhu replies that she should be happy after becoming great in front of everybody.

Nidhi says that Meenakshi told her about this ritual and gives gifts to both Mishti and Kuhu.

Rajshri and Vishambharnat are happy since everything got fine thanks to Mishti.

Abir takes Mishti’s pictures. Kunal asks him not to forget his fiancèe. Abir says that he can’t forgst his bro. Vishambharnat tells them he has talked to Pandit Ji and both weddings should happen after half an hour, first Mishti and Abir’s then Kuhu and Kunal’s.

Later Varsha puts shagun ki mehendi on Mishti’s hands. Kuhu says that it’s her mehendi. Varsha scolds her saying that Mishti is sharing her mandap with her so why she can’t share a bit of mehendi.

Meanwhile rituals start also in Rajvansh Mansion where Vishambharnat and Shaurya has come to bless Abir and Kunal.

Rajshri explains to Kuhu and Mishti that they will have to stay together and need to learn how to share things. Kuhu says that she knows that they think she has asked a huge thing but when her marriage had happened it wasn’t real. Rajshri asks her not to think about the bad past memories. Kuhu tries arguing but Rajshri stops her.

Kunal thanks Shaurya for giving a chance. Shaurya says that for them it’s enough if he keeps Kuhu happy.

Vishambharnat says that from now onwards Abir is like their son. Abir says he doesn’t know what a father’s love is. Shaurya says that now he got this relation too.

Varsha tells Mishti and Kuhu that they are lucky to get each other’s support once they leave too. Rajshri asks them to stay like two sisters, not to fight for little things. Varsha asks them to promise that they won’t let her head down.

Everybody at Rajvansh Mansion are excited for the wedding. Vishambharnat and Shaurya leaves.

Abir gets thoughtful about his decision to ask Meenakshi to stay out from the wedding functions.


Episode ends


Precap: Mishti runs towards the mandap in bridal attire but Kuhu stops her saying that today her wedding will happen on the mandap.