Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th December 2019 written update: Abir and Mishti celebrates the birthday of Mishti

Episode begins with Nishant asks Kuhu that where is the stuff which I asked for? Kuhu says everything is here which you asked for and an excited Nishant distributed the materials among the people. Mishti comes and says these things are really nice and says to Nishant you exactly knows what I want. Kuhu is finding everything odd and feels why Nannu is behaving so much happy? Abir says that when we are present on the birthday then we will also do something special.

Abir and Kunal are performing on a song to make the environment in the party exciting. Abir is getting jealous to see Mishti is dancing with Nishant. He is continuously drinking and watching them from a distance. Kuhu dances with Kunal in the party on the insists of Nishant. Meenakshi is trying to track Abir’s location. Somehow Meenakshi is able to reach to the Dhani resort and is trying to find the girl she saw in the video call.

Kunal notices his mother and things that what should I do now as Mishti is also here and is drunk. A jealous Abir walks out from the party and Mishti also goes behind him. . Behind that Resort area is little bit vacant and kind of jungle type. Abir notices Mishti and Mishti also noticed Abir and he says are you following me? Mishti says why will I follow you it is you who is following me. Abir says people usually make new memories with new relationships and you are trying to live those old memories.

Both of Mishti and Abir start to fight with each other just like the same way Mishti wants for her birthday. After sometime Meenakshi also reached the resort. Kuhu asks Nishant if he likes Mishti or not and recent face you should ask this to Mishti instead of me. Abir and Mishti are celebrating in their own way. Mishti thanks Nishant to give her a chance with Abir in this way.

Kunal is trying to attend his mother and asks Kuhu to say that Abir is with her till now. Kuhu says to Meenakshi that I was with a big bro now but then he went somewhere and I got busy in work. She asks some men to take care of Meenakshi and meanwhile she will go to find Abir. Abir comes and cut the cake and feeds Mishti when she says that you forget to wish me happy birthday.

Abir holds her by her waist and drags are close to him and is about to give a peck on her forehead when he hears the sound of his mother and Kunal is trying to stop Meenakshi. Abir gets reminded of the old time when Meenakshi threatened him to leave Mishti or else she will tell the entire world about the actual identity of Kunal and he again left the hand of Mishti and walks out from there. Mishti feels disheartened but she is happy with his touch and is caressing her hand which he holds.

Precap – Kuhu is looking for Mishti and Mishti is in the jungle and she says just my phone network needs to be there and he will track me.