Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th March 2020 Written Update: KUHU AND MISHTI GET DRUNK

The episode starts with Kuhu telling Rajshri and Varsha that she doesn’t want to come downstairs. Varsha scolds her. Rajshri tries convincing her that she should celebrate Holi with everybody. Kuhu says that nobody will miss her and if anything happens to Mishti she will be blamed. Rajshri tries making her understand that she and Mishti should stop fighting. Kuhu says that they can make Mishti understand too. Varsha scolds her but she is incorrigible so Varsha and Rajshri leaves after telling her that she is doing wrong.

Ketki gives Kunal laughing powder wishing for everything to go like they want. Kunal sees Mishti coming and goes towards her but bumps into Meenakshi. The packet with laughing powder falls down and Meenakshi’s packet falls too. They pick the packets up. Kunal goes to Mishti.

Meenakshi says that Kunal has Bhaang now not laughing powder and she has heard that Bhaang makes people say the truth only so after having it Mishti and Kuhu will make drama.
Kunal asks Mishti if she will do golgappa eating competition.

On the other hand Abir tries convincing Kuhu to compete against Mishti and make her lose in the golgappa competition. Abir emotionally blackmails her saying that he would compete if he had not fallen sick some days ago. Kuhu agrees on the condition that nobody will put colors on her. Abir accepts.

Kunal announces the golgappa competition in front of everyone. Everybody claps. Kunal asks who will challenge Mishti. Kuhu comes and says she will challenge her. Everybody cheers for her.

Nidhi says that she would not be able to eat so many golgappa ever. Jasmeet says that it is not something for Gujrati people. Nidhi gets triggered and says that now she will show her. Abir says that Mishti and Kuhu are already competing. Kaushal asks him to let Nidhi and Jasmeet do it too. Abir agrees.

Kuhu, Mishti, Jasmeet and Nidhi start eating the golgappa. Abir asks Kunal if their plan will work or not. Kunal says that if it doesn’t he will say that it was only his plan.

Meenakshi tells Rajshri that she was worried about Kuhu and Mishti’s arguments but she is happy seeing them together. Rajshri apologizes on their behalf but Meenakshi says that now they are her responsibility too.

Kaushal starts the countdown for the end of the challenge. At the end he declares that Jasmeet won against Nidhi and Mishti and Kuhu have a tie.

Jasmeet and Nidhi talk drunkenly. Kunal and Abir look at them and then at Kuhu and Mishti who are drunk too. Nanu says that now they will play holi.

Kuhu and Mishti play with drinks. Kunal and Abir wonder what happened since they seem drunk instead of showing effects of laughing powder.

Abir understands that the packet had Bhaang. Kunal, Ketki and Abir wonder what will happen if Mishti and Kuhu start arguing in front of everyone now.

Mishti and Kuhu made a man fall and keep blaming each other. Meenakshi asks them to tell who did that. Nidhi says that Kuhu can’t do any mistake so Misti is the wrong. Kuhu says that her sister’s name is Mishti not Misti. Mishti goes to hug her and says that nobody shall scold her sister. Abir and Kunal get happy. Mishti says that it wasn’t their fault but it was the man’s fault since he was flirting with Nidhi.

Rajshri asks them to go inside but Abir says that they can’t go like this and asks Ketki to play music.
Abir, Mishti, Kunal and Kuhu dance on “Bhankas” song. Others join too.

Abir lifts Mishti in his arms and takes her aside. He makes her lie on a table and applies color on her cheeks. “Dheere dheere” plays. She smiles. They rub their cheecks with each other.

Abir and Mishti come back in front of everyone. Kuhu goes to Mishti and says that she is the best dancer. Mishti says that she is second best dancer and tells Kuhu that she is the best. Kuhu asks Nidhi to say that Mishti is the best but Nidhi says that for her Kuhu is the best only. Kuhu thanks Vishambharnat for giving her the best sister in the world. Mishti thanks Varsha for the same. Shaurya says that both of them are the best.

Everybody goes inside. Kuhu and Mishti try convincing Nidhi and Jasmeet to stop arguing. Kuhu says that she fought with Mishti too and snatched her mandap. Mishti says that sisters are like this only but love each other too. She says that she is big fan of her dressing sense.

Rajshri asks Abir if he made them understand. Abir tells her that they had Thandaai and he had thought they will fight but they have a lot of love for each other in their hearts.

Varsha gives water to Kuhu and Mishti. Mishti says that they have to play Holi yet. Nidhi challenges Jasmeet to apply color to Meenakshi. Mishti challenges Kuhu to do that.

Kuhu goes to apply color on Meenakshi’s cheeck. Kunal asks her to behave. Nanu says that they have never had such a Holi in the house. Meenakshi agrees and says that Kuhu did right applying color on her.
Mishti starts crying because Kuhu defeated her again. Kuhu comforts her. Varsha scolds them. Mishti wants to play Holi too.

Meenakshi asks Kuhu and Mishti what happened to them. Rajshri asks them to apologize. Mishti asks Meenakshi sorry calling her Big Ben. Kuhu corrects her and says she is dragon saas. Abir and Kunal don’t know how to stop them now. Meenakshi stands up. Everybody looks on. Mishti stands in front of Kuhu.

Episode ends

Precap: Meenakshi says that Thandaai gave opposite result of what she wanted but she won’t give up. Abir sends Mishti a heart shaped balloon.