Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th September 2020 Written Update: Meenakshi’s health worsen

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th September 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Vishambhar asking Mishti why she is surprised when she herself said adopted child are different. He asks she said same to Abir. Kuhu says to Mishti she didn’t know, Mishti’s thought is so uncool. Mishti explains she didn’t mean that. But seeing Meenakshi’s reaction to adoption she thought her adopted baby wont’ feel confident in front of other babies at the house. Varsha and Rajshree makes Mishti understand that she is over thinking. Mishti gets ready to adopt baby.

Meanwhile, Meenakshi discuss with doctor about Surrogacy. She asks the doctor to start the procedure as she will bring the signature of Mishbir. Here, Abir and Mishti discuss about adopting child.

Meenakshi brings the topic of surrogacy. Abir gets irk with Meenakshi’s thinking. Meenakshi explains the consequences about surrogacy. Abir opposes Meenakshi’s decision and says he don’t want Mishti to experience second hand pregnancy. Ahead, Abir leaves the house with Mishti.

Later, Abir learned that Meenakshi took sleeping pills. Rajvansh rush to the hospital. Abir gets emotional thinking about Meenakshi’s act of troubling her. Kunal, Kuhu and Kaushal worry for Meenakshi. Abir blames himself for Meenakshi’s condition. Kunal asks Abir not to blame himself.

Vishambhar learns about Meenakshi’s condition and says she just wants to get her wish fulfilled. Varsha and Jasmeet worry for Kuhu.

At hospital, Meenakshi regains consciousness. Abir gives the earful to Meenakshi and says he too will end his life because Meenakshi taught him, not to face problem just end the life. He gets angry on Meenakshi for consuming sleeping pills. Meenakshi cries and apologizes to Mishti for troubling her and urges to think about surrogacy once. Later, Meeankshi thinks she can even keep Mishti close for Abir’s sake. Kuhu explains to Nidhi about surrogacy.

There, Kunal asks Abir to think about surrogacy and nothing is wrong in it. (Episode Ends).

Precap: Meenakshi suggests Kuhu’s name for surrogate mother of Mishbir’s child. Kunal stands shocked.