Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th October 2019 written update: Mishti confronts Kunal in front of all

Episode begins with Mishti and Abir are performing together in Dandiya event on a song. They are getting cosy and romantic with each other during the dance. Abir comes close to her and apply gulaal on her from his face and she gets shy. Kunal catches both of them are dancing together and he gets salty. He comes out and thinks I won’t let you ruin my brother’s life Mishti and he massaged the lawyer to appear there as he is waiting. While performing garba they made a circle and the turn for Abir and Mishti comes and they both stands facing each other and Abir holds her waist tightly and make her wear the waistband. Mishti slightly smiles and leaves from there leaving Abir with a witty smile. Kuhu is excited to show the trophy to Kunal and she is about to show him when she sees he is meeting a lawyer who is giving Kunal divorce papers. Kuhu gets shocked and the trophy falls from her hand and breaks into pieces.

Kunal sees her and he shows no remorse at all moreover he tells her time out is over and he is not habituated of pulling off so many dramas. He says she can go on and tell people about him being a womaniser but that will not stop him but the wedding of Abir and Mishti. He says why will your family would like to get your other sister married to a guy who is brother is a womanizer. He challenges Kuhu that after all this mess how will Mishti and Abir alliance survive? Kuhu is too shocked to react at the moment and she feels dejected. Kunal walks out from there and Kuhu tries to walk with trembling feet holding the divorce papers.

Suddenly, Kuhu stumbles and falls and cries, all helps her to stand up. Mishti comes there and gets shocked to see the state of her. She asked Kuhu why she is crying and gives her water but she with much difficulty tells Mishti everything. Mishti couldn’t believe her ears, she is too shocked to know about the events that took place behind the curtain. She feels sad to see who is going through so much for no reason and then attention catches the divorce papers. She gets determined and asks Kuhu to stand up and stop crying and takes her along to confront Kunal.

Abir and Kunal are talking to the organisers when he says we want your family photo, Abir says we four should click a picture together. Mishti comes in between and slaps Kunal hard infront of all. Abir gets shocked to see this and he shouts at Mishti that what she is doing? Mishti calls Kunal looser and says Kuhu herself will leave you.

Kunal tries to show attitude but Mishti is in no mood to take his tantrums anymore. She says I am tolerating you all these days for the sake of Kuhu but not anymore. Abir shouts that could you guys please tell me what is going on? Mishti says if you come to know what he did you will react in the same way.

Mishti says he is giving divorce to Kuhu and you know the reason? He simply wants to make us separated from each other and that is why he is doing all this drama. Abir asks Kunal you only told me that you are okay with my alliance with Mishti. Mishti says all of this were a lie, he kept on lying from the very start. Mishti says he betrayed Kuhu, lied to her, lied to my family and even he lied to you as well. He wants me to go away from Rajkot and then he has plans not to even appear that the marriage venue. He wants all of our family to get insulted in front of the whole society. Kunal again blames Mishti and she asks him to shut up and says the person who doesn’t even know the meaning of love has no right to insult my love, I will not let you do that. Kunal leaves from there and Abir is left devastated by the turn of events. Mishti asks Kuhu to come with her and she doesn’t want to stay with Kunal anymore. Kuhu says to continue this marriage or not is going to be my own decision you will not say anything to anybody about this.

Precap – Mishti says to Abir as long as you are not ready to accept the truth, I am in no mood to talk to you. Abir decides to fulfill the promises he made to Mishti.