Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th August 2019 written update:- Mishti fetches a Plan to accomplish her task

The episode starts with Rajshri is asking Abir that why she feels that he has found someone for himself? Abir tries to deny the fact and says there is nothing like that but blushes hard.

Rajshri says to him she is noticing from long that he is being happy these days. There is a smile always on his lips so it can be concluded that he finally gets a match compatible with his choices.

Rajshri advises Abir to speak up about his feelings in front of that girl. Abir says he wants to confess his feelings but he is scared that what if her family disagree for the alliance?

Rajshri says to him that any family who will get him as their son in law will be much more content and happy. She continues that she is a mother can understand and another mother’s dilemma, any family who will get you for their daughter will be grateful.

Abir gets happy and says then think you got a son for yourself and runs from there.

Kunal, on the other hand, fakes his love and concern for Kuhu while Varsha gets emotional to think Kunal will take care and pamper Kuhu the way she wants. Parul listens to her words and feels helpless.

After sometime Kunal is standing somewhere when Parul comes to him with a glass of juice. Kunal thanks Parul and goes from there when Varsha comes and as to why did Kunal didn’t eat anything?

Paul says that he doesn’t need all these and he will not even eat it. Varsha asks Parul that is she feel so much connected to the family that she cares for them so much.

Paul says these people are family for me the kind of love admiration and respect the gift to me is too much overwhelming. She asks Varsha that will she be able to fight for our loved ones and their happiness? Varsha says if it is about my family and loved one’s happiness then not only I will fight but I will win the battle as well.

Mishti discusses a plan with Ananya and asks her to approach everybody as she came to the house just now and no one will deny her. Ananya agrees for it and goes to talk to the elders of the house. She is straightway going to Vishwambhar and proposes to organize the turmeric ceremony of Kuhu and Kunal together in this house among the family members and not to invite any outsiders.

Eventually, the housemates of the family agree to Ananya proposal and decided to do that turmeric ceremony from Maheshwari house.

Abir on the other side gets busy in choosing a gift for Mishti so that he can tell her about his feelings. Parul comes to Meenakshi and thinks that whatever happens can be checker, later but right now it is really important for me to have a word with Meenakshi. she comes in the room and directly questions Meenakshi about her conversation with Mishti.

Meenakshi, as usual, gets angry on Parul and ask her not to cross the limits because it is about Abir and for him, she can do anything. She says Mishti is trying to break our house by making Abir her shield.

Meenakshi asks Parul not to cross her path neither try to go against her. She thinks Parul is forgetting what is her place in this house. She has to do something needful for it.

On the other side, Kuhu is performing on a song and doing Ig-live videos. Mishti misses Abir and imagines to dance with him and he is taking her in his arms. Abir tells her that the feeling of falling in love is divine and it’s beautiful. Mishti says I can never be able to feel this same emotion with you. Kunal here comes to Parul and asks what she said to Meenakshi that she is crying? He slams Parul in the worst possible way and says you don’t deserve the love and respect here. I don’t understand why she considers you as her sister and Meenakshi say from next time I won’t be able to stop Kunal.

Precap – Mishti and Abir part ways.