Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th March 2020 Written Update: ABIR AND KUNAL SORTS OUT THE PROBLEM

The episode starts with Mishti getting hurt recalling Abir’s words. She finds Meenakshi in the hall all furious. Abir finds servants ill treating Paul and she takes it silently. Abir comes there and sends them home. He gets angry at Paul for taking blame on her head all the time for others. Paul says that it’s a family and it’s needed st times. Abir is still convinced.

Mishti finds Kunal asking Meenakshi to let go iff the issue as they’re not sure who did it but it’s just spoiling the peace in the house. Meenakshi asks how could he say so as Abir’s life was in danger and how can she let it go just like that. Kunal says that even Abir wants to end it as he doesn’t want everyone getting hurt. He asks her to do this for him and asks promise from her to let go off the issue. Meenakshi promises on Kunal’s insistence and he gets happy.

Jasmeet once again tries provoking Varsha against Mishti for not taking stand for Kuhu when needed. Varsha reasons out that Paul took stand for Kuhu and she’s not alone in the house as everyone supports her. However she once again blames Mishti for not supporting Kuhu when everyone accused her. Varsha asks why does she always point at Mishti and asks her to not do it anymore. Varsha leaves whike Rajshri hears their conversation. She wonders why did Mishti kept silent when Kuhu was blamed.

Kunal while going finds Mishti hearing his talks with Meenakshi. Mishti apologizes for overhearing their talks but Kunal asks her to let it go as she’s also family.
Kuhu calls Abir and says that she wants to confess something to him. She says about her mixing the pills by mistake in his coffee and asks him to not believe Mishti as she would have said it exaggerating it. Mishti hears it. She says that she truly didn’t mean to hurt him as there’s no reason for her to hurt him or anybody in the family.

Abir asks her to let it go but on one condition. Rajshri praises Varsha for not getting into Jasmeet’s words and blame Mishti. Varsha says that Mishti is her daughter too. They call Meenakshi to apologize for the past events. Meenakshi says about promising Kunal to let it go and asks them to forget it too. She says about the company that she’s hand overing to Mishti is celebrating the next day and invites them for the event. Rajshri asks Meenakshi to inaugurate it and she agrees.

Abir brings Parul to Kuhu who apologizes her and thanks her for supporting her. She asks Abir to not reveal it ti anyone including Kunal. Abir is not OK with it and wants her to reveal it to Kunal but Kuhu promises ro reveal it once the right time comes and he agrees. She asks him to not let Mishti reveal it ro anyone too and he promises her the same hurting Mishti more.

Abir is about to talk to Mishti when Meenakshi calls them and says about her decision of letting go off the past. She announces about the even next day and asks everyone to plan for it. Daadu holds Kuhu, Kunal and Abir’s hand for planning the party and Mishti joins them too after thinking a lot.

Precap : Kunal and Abir discuss about Parul’s rights. Abir surprises Mishti.