Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th August 2019 written update:- Mishti creates a scene in the house

The episode starts with Mishti is spending the night with Rajshri. She is oiling her hair and pampering her and asks Mishti why she is not sleeping with Kuhu and Ananya? She says Ananya came back home after a long time so she should spend some moments with each other. She thinks in mind I am going to hurt her badly so how I will face her today?

Rajshri says when you will think about your marriage and tries to talk about Sourabh whereas Mishti shuts her up and says she doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Rajshri asks if there is anyone she wants to be with and Mishti thinks about Abir. She asks Rajshri what if any day she did a grave mistake which is not good enough to consider then how will she react?

Rajshri says I will be mad at you and will not talk to you but will never let you go far from me. You are my kids and I will not let you go far from us, Mishti gets emotional and hugs her.

In the morning time, Jugnu is running in the Rajvansh house with stuff to leave for Maheswari house when Kunal comes down and look for someone who can help him but everyone seems to be occupied with some or other work.

Parul comes to Kunal and asks sorry for last night and requests him to give her a chance and offers him her assistance for his needs. Kunal asks her not to disclose it as it is a surprise planned by him for Kuhu. Meenakshi thinks her plan is going in the right direction and Mishti will not be able to stop it anymore.

Rajvansh family arrives at Maheswari house and Ananya welcomes them. Yashpal gets super happy to see the decorations of the house and compliments them.

In the room, Mishti is preparing Kuhu and checks the time and think it is my moment to start provoking Kuhu, she suddenly pressed the pin with force and Kuhu shouts and says do it properly.

Mishti says I am trying for last time and if it doesn’t work now then I can’t help as I am not your maid. Kuhu says why are behaving like a wild cat today? You are saying some days ago to be friends with me but what happened now?

Mishti says that was my fault and I am not going to repeat it. Kuhu asks her to go from there and she will handle it herself as she is in no mood to argue with her.

Mishti is going out when she sees Varsha is coming towards the room. She remembers Meenakshi’s words and goes back to Kuhu and says, you are calling me useless then what are you? You are garbage who is going from this house after someday post marriage. She asks Kuhu not to forget that she gave her Kunal in charity as she saying No for the alliance is led to this day or else Kuhu has to address Kunal as “brother-in-law” instead.

Varsha asks Mishti what is wrong but she refused to say anything and comes to hall whereas all get shocked to see Mishto behaving in an odd way Parul feels sorry for her as she knows Mishti is doing what Meenakshi asks her to do.

Jasleen taunts Mishti but she says it’s better to be an adopted child rather than being an illegitimate one. Kuhu is the illegitimate child of this house when Varsha slaps Mishti. She cries but Meenakshi feels happy to see her plan is working.

Abir is shocked with the events going on and feel why Mishti is behaving in such a way? Kunal and Meenakshi come forward and tries to pretend to be a good person and in favor of Kuhu. Vishambhar asks what is happening when Kuhu says she is jealous of my happiness.

Abir asks Mishti I know this is not how you think but why are you doing this? Meenakshi tries to provoke Abir but he is too shocked to handle. Mishti creates a scene and prays to all to forgive her and is about to leave when she sees Kuhu’s friends on the door and gets shocked.

Kunal says I planned this surprise for Kuhu but as usual, Mishti ruined it all. Meenakshi asks Maheswari family about the truth, Vishwambhar says everything was written in the horoscope itself, Meenakshi lies about reading it.

Rajshri says Kuhu is our child, Varsha’s daughter that is the only truth that exists. Meenakshi tells Mishti Kuhu is your sister and you shouldn’t behave in this way. Mishti throws Kuhu’s hand and says she is not my sister.

Precap – Parul decides to break her promise and tell Abir the truth.