Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th July 2020 Written Update: Mishti panics, Abir plans a surprise for her

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Jugnu entering the house. He informs Abir that parcel from NGO arrived. Abir asks him to keep aside. Jugnu asks Abir if his noodles ready or not. Abir says it’s almost ready. Further, Abir misses Kunal. Kuhu asks Abir to close his eyes for the surprise. Meenakshi brings Misthi. Abir gets mesmerized seeing pregnant Mishti. Ahead, Mishti sits for the ritual and Abir says the shayari.

Further, Mishti asks Abir where the family members are. She says she will tell the truth to the police and family. She panics. Back to reality, Mishti wakes up from the sleep and screams Abir’s name. She rushes to the washroom. Abir consoles Mishti. He makes her recall their past. Mishti relaxes and Abir says the shayari. Abir asks Mishti to take her time and he is with her. Mishti comes out from the washroom and smiles. She sees family picture and says she knows Abir misses his family a lot.

There, Kuhu misses Kunal and discloses Abir and Mishti went for honeymoon. She says she is tired of working at home. Meanwhile, Meenakshi plays Sitar and recalls Abir’s words. She gets tensed. Ahead, Ketki decides to inform Abir about her alliance. Nidhi asks her not to. Meenakshi comes and Nishi tries to instigate her against Abir. Meenakshi announces and says none will talk about Abir and Mishti from now. Next, Kaushal comes and says lockdown opened and now Mishbir can return.

Abir sees his mobile and says its Meenakshi’s birthday but thinks he can’t take Mishti home. He further gets surprised seeing Mishti doing packing. Mishti says she is ready to go back home. Abir says to her that he knows well that whatever happened 3 months back she is dealing well. Mishti asks Abir to get ready.

Abir gets a call from Rajvansh’s. They ask him to come back. Abir thinks something and refuses to return back home. Meenakshi talks with Parul and says Abir decided to stay away from the house for Mishti’s sake and it is clear now.

Other side, Abir plans a surprise for Mishti. Episode ends with Abir and Mishti spending time together.

Precap: Police comes to Rajvansh’s home. Mishti panics and decides to reveal the truth.