Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th March 2020 Written Update: MISHTI AND ABIR SOLVE THEIR DIFFERENCES

The episode starts with Kunal telling Kuhu that tomorrow is the anniversary of their company and their are going to launch a logo which is very important for both the company and the family so it’s a big opportunity for her to show her Kuhuness. He asks her what they shall do. Kuhu thinks.

Mishti gets a call. Abir looks on. Mishti goes to attend the call. Kunal takes Kuhu to discuss. Nanu asks Abir what happened since he looks upset. Abir says to Nanu that there is always drama in any function of their house and asks him if this happened after he was born or before only. Nanu says that he isn’t going to fall for his talks and knows that he must have argued with Mishti.

Nanu asks the family not to disturb them since they are going to discuss the list of the guests for the party. Meenakshi says ok and everybody leaves while Nanu and Abir sit together. Nanu asks Abir what happened between him and Mishti. Abir tells him that there are some differences of opinion. Nanu says that there shall be and tells him that he also had difference of opinion with his grandmother about Meenakshi being a human being or alien. He says that he used to give attitude to his grandmother who used to teach him a lesson. He suggests Abir not to show attitude to Abir and asks him to talk to Mishti sweetly. Abir thanks him.

They hear Kunal scolding Sukhram for talking badly with Parul. Nidhi says that it isn’t his fault since he must be thinking that he is talking to a servant. Kuhu takes Parul away since she understands that Kunal has gotten angry. Kunal asks Sukhram what he is has come for. He says that he is there to apologize. Nanu takes him to Parul.
Kunal says that they should fire him. Abir asks him who else they can fire. Kunal asks him what they shall do then. Abir says that he is the one who can do something since outsiders may think Parul is a servant given the situation of their house.

Rajshri and Mishti meet. Rajshri apologizes for calling her like that but she didn’t feel that what happened today was right. Mishti says that she wanted to meet her too. Varsha comes and Mishti hugs her. Varsha asks her if everything is fine between her and Kuhu and Mishti says it is. Rajshri asks Mishti whether she has left any important work to meet them. Mishti says that there is nothing more important than them.

Varsha says that Abir took Kuhu’s side today but Meenakshi let the matter go but they wonder who could have mixed the pills in Abir’s coffee. She asks Mishti if she thinks it was Kuhu since she didn’t take any stand for her. Rajshri says that it Mishti said anything for Kuhu then others might have thought she is blaming them. Varsha says she is right and apologizes Mishti for questioning her. Jasmeet calls Varsha who leaves.

Rajshri asks Mishti what is going on. Mishti says nothing and says that she just wanted to meet her. Rajshri says that a lot of things change after marriage except the relationship of a mother and daughter so she still understands her well. She asks Mishti what the truth is. Mishti tells her that she just wants to know the truth but Abir says that he wants peace in the house and she doesn’t know if she should do what is right or what is right for the house. Rajshri says that she understands her. She says that Abir got very ill yet he closed the matter, Kunal and Meenakshi gave her the company because they love her and she trusts her upbringing too so knows that she will do the right thing only.

On the other hand Kuhu comes in Meenakshi’s room. Meenakshi asks her to help choosing a saree for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Kuhu chooses a saree for her and also a jewellery set which she likes a lot. Meenakshi says that she can keep the set after the ceremony.

Kuhu thanks her and apologizes for getting out of control in the Holi party. She wonders who mixed Thandaai in golgappa. Meenakshi says that they spared the one who mixed pills in Abir’s coffee so they should let go also the one who mixed Thandaai in golgappa.

Kunal asks Abir what he wants him to do. Abir asks him how he can tell him that. Kunal says that Meenakshi raised him. Abir says that Parul gave him birth and he isn’t asking him to hate Meenakshi but he shouldn’t snatch his right from Parul and he can’t fire a servant every week. He leaves. Meenakshi tells Kuhu that she is not even that good as she also gives punishment to the one who make mistakes. She stops Kunal and asks him if she should give Kuhu a punishment for calling her dragon saas or she should spare her.

Kuhu holds her ears and apologizes again. Kunal says that she should be punished for the mistake she has done. Kuhu says that she knows how to ask sorry. She says that she has called a camera team which will cover the celebration and the bts will be posted on internet. Kunal approves the idea. Kuhu says that the company is Mishti’s though. Meenakshi says that she will talk with her. Kuhu hugs her happily.
Kunal sees Parul working and recalls Abir’s words. He gets thoughtful.

On the other hand Mishti finds a chit from Abir. Abir is hiding behind a pillar and looks at him. “Saathya mere” plays. Jugnu gives Mishti another chit. She finds another one in kitchen saying that microwave should ring. She finds a drink in the microwave and then writes something on the chit too. She leaves.

Abir goes to read the chit and Mishti has asked her to meet in the place where he found out that he is Jhumke wali.
On the other hand Parul gets burnt. Meenakshi comes and applies medicine on her wound. Parul says that she took a stand for Kuhu today because a fight between two daughter-in-laws can break all the relations of the house. Meenakshi asks her not to worry sincr she won’t let that happen. She asks Parul to ask Jugnu to clean the courtyard since some people are coming. She asks her to take care. Parul leaves.

Abir comes in the corridor where he found out Mishti is the jhumke wali and finds Mishti dropping petals on him jerking the tree. Abir holds his ears asking her sorry. Mishti recitates his poetry and falls from the tree but Abir catches her in his arms. Mishti takes Abir near the car and gives him a rose. Abir caresses her with that rose. (Episode ends)

Precap: Mishti gives the company back to Kunal. Meenakshi says that now that Mishti has given the company to Kunal, he should let his mother cut the ribbon. Abir says that Parul is Kunal’s mother and wishes that Kunal does the right thing.