Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th August 2019 written update:- Parul decides to open up

The episode begins with Rajshri shouting at Mishti and asks her what she is saying? Mishti says when everyone is telling the truth then listen to one more truth today at least.

Mishti asks we are not like sisters there is nothing common between us. She asks Kuhu to speak up when Varsha comes forward and says I know you did so much for Kuhu always but this is how you are telling it?

Mishti says no Varsha aunty this is the reality. I tried my best to adjust with her but she never liked me hence I also hate her.

She asks Kuhu to tell all the truth as no one is believing her. Abir gets shocked to see all this and feels stunned when Rajshri says this means till now you two are a thing only to be a good sister in front of us? Kuhu breaks down and cries and tell Rajshri that I never want to hurt you or anybody that is why I decided to hide this fact from you all.

Meenakshi tells Yashpal the bonds of relationship can be strong but if it gets collided with lies, again and again, the facts fall flat then and there. She takes her to leave saying I guess you people need some time to cope up with all these. Kuhu asks Kunal to stop when he says why did you hide this fact from me? Kuhu says nothing is more real than the fact that Varsha is my mother.

Kunal says I told you always that never ever hide anything from me and leaves when Varsha asks Shaurya and Vishwambhar to do something to stop them.

Vishwambhar walks on to Abir and puts his hand on his shoulder. Abir asks for some time and says he will be back soon with them and leaves by giving sight to Mishti.

All return in Rajvansh family whereas Abir is lost and Kunal feels sad to see Abir like that. He goes to Abir to comfort him whereas Abir hugs him and asks if he is okay? Meenakshi prays this bond to be intact whereas Parul watches everything from far.

In Maheswari house, Varsha is crying that will they appear with the groom for marriage? Vishwambhar asks everything is fine but till when my family will keep on lying to me? He asks Varsha why did she lie about speaking to Kunal and telling him the truth?

Kuhu comes forward and tells Vishwambhar she asks Varsha to lie as she assures her mom that she will have a word with Kunal regarding this matter. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to gather the courage to tell Kunal everything. Kuhu thinks Mishti I hate you and if for you my marriage gets canceled then I won’t spare you.

Here Mishti is missing Abir and thinks even he didn’t see through her and she can’t even tell him the truth. Here Abir is talking to Mishti painting and thinks why did you lie to me about you and Kuhu?

Meenakshi comes and tells she is worried for Kunal and Abir asks her if she is planning in any way to call off the wedding? He shares his palpitations regarding Mishti with Meenakshi and tells her that he is having a strange feeling that she is being misunderstood.

Parul here prays to God to show her path and express her wish to break the promise she took for the welfare of the family. She gets a sign and decides to disclose everything to Abir. She says I will not be silent anymore and wipes her tears and walks on. On the other hand, Kuhu comes to Rajvansh house to meet Kunal.

Precap – Abir hugs Mishti and asks her who is pressuring her for doing all these?