Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke 14th January 2020 Written Update: ABIR ASKS KUHU’S HELP TO GET BACK MISHTI

The episode starts with Vishambharnat asking Rajshri to close the door. Rajshri tells him that Kunal is about to go but he says that Kunal cannot leave without talking with him.

Abir interferes but Vishambharnat shuts him up saying that he wants to talk with his son-in-law and not Kuhu’s staff. He asks Kunal why he brought Abir in the function. Jasmeet asks Kunal the same since Kuhu has surely not done it.

Kunal tries defending himself saying that he just wanted to help Kuhu who was left without dhol wale. Vishambharnat replies that the function could have been done without dhol wale. He tells Abir that he loves her daughter a lot and blames Abir for making her cry so he says that this reason is enough to forbid him to meet Mishti again. Jasmeet asks Nishant to throw Abir out but the latter asks them why they are getting affected by his presence if Mishti has moved on and he is there just to help Kuhu.

Mishti tells him that the function is done so he can leave. She opens the door for him. Sathya plays while Abir walks towards the door. He looks at Mishti who looks down. Abir congratulates with her and then leaves.

Kunal is about to leave too but Vishambharnat stops him asking not to take advantage of his love just because he is like his son. Kuhu apologizes on Kunal’s behalf. Kuhu and Kunal leave.

Mishti apologizes to Vishambharnat too and Jasmeet bashes her saying that we everybody is just making mistakes and apologizing.
Varsha asks Rajshri if today Abir regretted his mistakes and came to correct him. Nishant listens to them. Rajshri says that it was just like a nightmare. Nishant looks at Vishambharnat and goes somewhere.

On the other hand Meenakshi thinks that she has never felt so alone, today her kids and her father are against her. She is about to pick up some bags and Jugnu comes to help her but Nanu asks him not to do it and sends him to take his glasses from room. Jugnu leaves.

Meenakshi gets a cut on finger and Nanu asks her to be careful. Meenakshi says that she should have been more careful before. Parul comes to Meenakshi concerned for her cut but Nanu asks her not to do anything. He scolds Parul for staying silent and says that he is part of the mistake of asking Abir such a big sacrifice too.

Nishant comes outside to meet Abir who apologizes to him. Nishant asks him for what. Abir replies that he is apologizing for what Kunal did during the party, for what he did today and Nishant adds for what he is going to do. Abir says that he is not perfect and Nishant replies that nobody is but surely he isn’t perfect for Mishti.

Jasmeet asks Mishti to go to Nishant and asks her why she didn’t talk in front of her ex boyfriend telling him that she doesn’t want to see him ever. Mishti justs asks her to give water to Vishambharnat.

Nishant tells Abir that he knows Mishti since ages and understands that he cannot give the same happiness to her given by Abir. The latter replies that he won’t even be able to give her the pain he gave her and says that he knows he is a good guy and will take care of her but Mishti is the best and precious. Nishant replies that Mishti is precious and precious things are given to those who can take care of it.

Mishti comes and hears him. She asks Nishant to come inside. Nishant asks her if she wants Abir to attend the wedding. Mishti replies that she doesn’t care. She is about to leave with Nishant when Abir calls her from behind.

Mishti turns around recalling how he used to call her from behind without reason. In fact Abir says nothing and asks her to leave. Mishti and Nishant leaves. Abir smiles thinking that she is lying and she actually cares.

Nidhi comes in Meenakshi’s room bringing an ointment for her injury. Meenakshi asks her if Nanu let her come. Nidhi says that she didn’t ask anybody since after all this house is hers only. Meenakshi replies that such a house is useless where she cannot find the family’s company.

Nidhi says that she and her husband will always be with her since she always says the right. She adds that Mishti just ruined their life and Parul, who was such a good lady who didn’t use to say a word, is staying in their house just because of her or else if she was on Meenakshi’s place she would have murdered the woman with whom her husband had an affair. Meenakshi scolds her and she apologizes. Nidhi leaves. Meenakshi wipes her tear.

Jasmeet asks Mishti if she told Abir not to come there again. Vishambharnat asks her the same. Mishti replies no. Rajshri asks her if she wants him to come there. Mishti says that now she just doesn’t care since Abir is nobody for her. She asks Vishambharnat to decide what to tell Abir. Nishant says that if Mishti doesn’t care about Abir so he isn’t going to do anything with him as well.

Kuhu asks Kunal to come out. Kunal comes out and says that he can explain but Kuhu scolds him that she is going to throw him down from the balcony. Kunal replies that if he dies, she will get arrested. She says that she doesn’t care.

Kunal apologizes. Kuhu asks her how he dared coming into her house. Kunal says that her house is this one since he checked the calendar and some days are left for their divorce. Kuhu reveals that she got to know about him paying double money to her dhol wale so they don’t come in the function. She holds his neck and says that she is going to kill him.

Kunal says that he can give his life for Abir. Kuhu cries saying that everybody loved Abir but he broke Mishti’s heart and also her grandparents who were so excited for Mishti and Abir’s marriage. She says that her grandmother is strong but her mother is not and she will give her a lot of pain when she will tell her about their divorce so why he is giving them more tensions.

Kunal tries defending himself but Kuhu just asks him what Abir wants. Abir comes and replies “Mishti”. He tells Kuhu that he realized that Mishti and their family are the best and cannot afford losing them. Kuhu says that she can’t give him a chance. Kunal says that Abir loves Mishti a lot at which Kuhu replies that she loves her brother Nishant a lot and he loves Mishti a lot despite she doesn’t love him back. Abir asks her if it is true that Mishti doesn’t love Nishant.

Meanwhile Nishant goes to Mishti and sits with her. They recall their childhood memories. Nishant says that he got shocked when Abir came there. Mishti wonders why he came back now when she spent months trying to talk with her but he never listened to her. Nishant replies that he must have realized his mistake. Mishti is not able to understand Abir. Nishant asks her to go and sleep.

Mishti apologizes for what happened and thanks him for standing with her. Nishant says that he will always stand by her. Mishti leaves thinking that Abir got late in coming back and now nothing can hsppen.

Abir follows Kuhu asking her to listen to him. He says that everything can still get solved and he surely deserves a forgiveness and a chance. He asks her if she would have not given a chance to her love if she was on his place. Kunal comes and Kuhu looks at him. Abir asks Kuhu how can a one sided love get successful if Mishti doesn’t love Nishant. Kuhu recalls Kunal telling her that he doesn’t love her.

Abir asks Kuhu’s help and asks her to bring Mishti to the chai stall so he can clear all their misunderstandings and apologize. He is about to leave when he sees Meenakshi there talking to someone on phone and wonders if she was spying on them. Kunal asks Abir to reveal why he left Mishti. Kuhu hears them and asks to tell her the truth but Abir refuses saying that it was his mistake only after all and he doesn’t want to cover it. He asks Kuhu if she is going to help him. Kuhu looks on.
Episode ends

Precap: Kuhu accepts to help Abir and brings Mishti to the chai stall. Mishti asks Kuhu if Abir is coming there. Abir is about to leave to meet Mishti when police comes at home and says that they are there to arrest Parul. Abir is shocked. Mishti is seen waiting for Abir.