Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th March 2020 Written Update: KUNAL FOLLOWS ABIR’S ADVICE AND ACCEPTS PARUL AS HIS MOTHER

The episode starts with Mishti asking what he wants to say about the first patch up after his first fight with his wife. He says he is sorry and that he didn’t want to hurt her. Mishti says that she had Vishambharnat and Rajshri only as parents and never thought about anything having them so he was right as she has never learnt how to keep a family united. Abir says he didn’t mean that.

Mishti says that it’s ok and she will learn soon and asks him to teach her. He says that for him fights in the house are like a cut on hands and whenever they happen he just does the first thing that comes in mind to stop them and in extreme cases he asks suggestion to his partner. Mishti asks him if he will help her always. He says he will. They hug.

Parul is cleaning the courtyard. A team comes there to cover the BTS of the party that shall happen in the occasion of the relaunch of the logo of the company. Kuhu comes and greets her and the cameraman. The latter asks her when they can meet Mishti who is the owner of the company. The girl asks Kuhu if Mishti is her sister.
Just then the guy asks Parul to move away and calls her servant.

Parul leaves but Mishti and Abir stop her and Mishti says that Parul is not a servant. Kuhu says that she is a family member. The girl asks her what relation she has with Kunal after apologizing. Parul says that everyone calls her “Massi”.

Kunal and Meenakshi come. Meenakshi asks Mishti to come near her and introduces her as the new boss of their company and Abir’s wife who has already worked with Abir in many NGO projects so is very talented. Mishti recalls Abir’s words about solving the fights of the family and tells Kunal that she has a surprise for him. She says that Kunal is quiet so he gifted whole the company to her just to tell her, without speaking, that the family has accepted her. She says that she has received the message and she has also accepted this family which is going to stay hers forever the way Red Pear Travels company is going to stay Kunal’s. Kunal gets surprised and asks her why. Abir messages Kunal and says that it seems that Mishti understood the hardwork needed to handle a company.

Abir says that they have decided that Kunal will do all the hardwork and they will eat on that. Kunal asks him if he should reveal everyone about his works. Everybody laughs. Meenakshi says that no mother can be richer than her since she has such two sons. Kuhu says that there is a problem now and asks who will launch the logo now. Meenakshi says that Mishti has given the company to Kunal so his mother shall launch the logo.

The next morning Kunal says that he had gifted her the company willingly so she could have not returned the gift like that. Mishti says that she understood that it is not made for her on time. Kunal asks her if she ever thought that her life would be easier if she was born in Maheshwari house only. Mishti says that they can’t choose their parents and her birth parents were very wrong so she can’t change it while his birth mother is so nice. Kunal says that he has only one mother and he loves her a lot. Mishti says that Parul loves him a lot too and has sacrificed all her rights for his upbringing.

Just then Jugnu comes and gives Mishti a parcel. Mishti says that it is the new saree for Parul so that she can wear it in today’s party and asks Jugnu to give it to her.

Later Meenakshi is asked by interviewer how she is feeling about the relaunch of the logo. She says she is very happy. Mishti brings Parul there and the camera team recognize her as “Massi aunty” and goes to her.
Kuhu and Meenakshi are surprised to see Parul in such a saree. Mishti says that Meenakshi and Parul are twinning. Kuhu asks Parul if she got a new saree. Parul tells her that Mishti gifted her that. The camera team compliments her saying that she is looking pretty. Parul replies that the saree is pretty and Mishti gifted it to her so it’s even more special.

Meenakshi tells Kuhu that she is Parul’s daughter-in-law so she should have given gift to Parul not Mishti. Kuhu replies that Kunal calls her Maa so whenever someone talks about her mother-in-law she thinks about her only. Meenakshi hugs her and blesses her.
Maheshwaris come and the interviewer and camera team go to them asking them to say something. Vishambharnat asks Rajshri to speak. Rajshri says that they are very proud of Kunal who is like a son for them. They ask her to say something about Mishti giving back the company to Kunal. Varsha says that Mishti is very sweet and they are happy with her. They ask Varsha for whom the gift she is holding is. She says that it is for Kunal’s mother-in-law.

Meanwhile Abir pulls Kunal’s leg for talking always about business but says that he is also proud of him. He asks him to accept Parul. Kunal says that he respects her a lot. Abir says that he knows he will take the right decision and leaves.

Abir says that he is going to chill with Varsha and Rajshri. Varsha asks Mishti who is going to launch the logo. Mishti says she doesn’t know as the company is Kunal and Meenakshi’s so maybe Meenakshi will. Varsha says that she will give Meenakshi the gift later then.
Kuhu talks on mic and gives the word to Meenakshi who is the captain of the company and the family. Meenakshi gives a speech.

Mishti asks Abir if she did right to give back the company to Kunal. Abir says she did right and now hopefully Kunal will do the right thing do. Mishti asks him what he means. Abir says that the company logo is going to be launched by Kunal’s mother who is actually Parul.
Kunal goes to Meenakshi and asks her to trust him and support him. Meenakshi says that she will always be with him.

Kunal grabs the scissors and walks towards Parul shocking everyone. Kunal says that she did a lot for the house and didn’t even ask her right in return but today he will give her right to her.
Varsha is confused and asks Rajshri what Kunal is saying.

The interviewer asks Kunal why he is making Parul launch the logo when from yesterday they are hearing that his mother will launh it. Kunal says that Parul is his mother. Everybody gets shocked.
The interviewer goes to Varsha and asks her to give the gift to Parul, the mother of her son-in-law. Varsha goes to give the gift to Parul who thanks her.

The interviewer asks Kunal if Parul is his real mother then not Meenakshi. Kunal says that Parul gave him birth and nobody can snatch her right from her. Mishti tells Abir that they didn’t think that her family doesn’t know anything about this. Abir says he knows and goes in front of reporters.
Abir compares Kunal to Kanha Ji, Parul to Devki and Meenakshi to Yashoda. Nanu says that nobody can snatch Meenakshi’s right too.

Meenakshi says that if Kunal is happy she is happy too. Parul goes to her and says that she was Yashoda Maaya and she will remain the same forever. They hug.
Kunal asks Meenakshi to relaunch the logo and calls her “Maa”. He and Abir takes Parul to cut the ribbon and she does that. Everybody claps. The new ligo is revealed. Meenakshi is sad.(Episode ends)

Precap: Meenakshi asks Abir who is him to decide that the world should know the truth. Kuhu blames Mishti for making her a servant’s daughter-in-law. Meenakshi decides to bring Mishti and Kuhu’s truth in front of Abir.