Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th October 2019 written update: Differences between Mishti and Abir

Episode begins with Mishti is about to go when Abir stops her and says sorry to her. Mishti says I am sorry instead, I have trusted you blindly which I shouldn’t have done. She walks away from there well Abir is crying with the turn of situations. Indra Rajvansh house, Yashpal is discussing the matter of Abir and Mishti and says it is high time that we should talk with Vishwambhar and his family members now about this alliance.

He tries to make Meenakshi understand but she says I don’t think Abir needs me anymore. He has his father by his side now. Suddenly she stopped and noticed that Mehul is entering the house and he asks her to stop saying anything and everything she likes cause this kind of words for him so much. Meenakshi says if I can give you pain only then what are you doing in my house you can go from here.

Mehul and Parul gets into a verbal argument where the latter says someday Abir will eventually back to his mother and support her. Mehul says I am not going anywhere living my son alone and as far as I know Meenakshi will not live Kunal and this family will be divided between two sons of the house. Abir is going to confront when he gets to listen to the conversation between Kuhu and Kunal outside of the house.

Kunal is shouting at Kuhu for not taking stand against Mishti when she slapped him in front of all. He says you claim to love me but you didn’t stop her. who says even you know how rightfully you deserves that slap? She says whatever I told you was not a lie unlike you always lied to me.

Even before marriage also, you made me send the pictures of you and Shweta and then put the entire blame on Mishti. Abir is shocked to listen to this reality. He is heartbroken and tries to talk to Kunal but he shows attitude and says I am not interested to explain you right now but whatever I did it right from my point of view.

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Mishti is at home and she is upset with the lies of Abir. She thinks why he did so? Abir comes from behind and says I have already kept so many things hidden from you and I am not going to do that again. He starts to explain to her and says yes he eloped on his marriage day and I simply thought this is because of my mom is influencing him in a wrong way. Even he sits in the marriage dias and was doing the rituals so I thought he is perfectly fine with all this. Now I have realised that he is not only getting influenced but the words of my mother is residing in his mind.

Mishti retorts back and says he is not a kid to get influenced by every other person. He can run a business, fake weddings, can do planning and plotting and you are saying he is getting influenced.

It is impossible, see I know you and your way of thinking as well. Somewhere even you know who is at fault but it is just your love for your brother who is making you not see the exact truth. Kunal is being doing this from long and there can be no justification to this. She says to Abir that now I will talk to you only when you accept the truth that Kunal is the wrong link here.

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Abhi comes back home heartbroken when Mehul confronts him. He says that I can see you are being bothered by something and someone very close to you has hurt you. Abir says to his father Kunal is giving divorce to Kuhu to keep him away from Mishti.

Mehul says sorry to say this but Kunal is an exact replica of his mother. She used to be like this and then he asks Abir not to give up. He says just think once will you be able to bear the loss of Mishti? No one in the house will understand your feelings for her in the true sense but I am here with you. Abir smiles after a while and says thank you so much for coming back and gives me strength and confidence.

Precap – Abir comes to meet Mishti and says I am stuck in a situation where on one side is my Love and the other side is the fate. Mishti asks by giving the excuse of faith you are leaving me ? Abir is confused.