Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke 15th January 2020 Written Update: KUHU CONVINCES MISHTI TO MEET ABIR

The episode starts with Mishti knocking at the door of Mishti’s room. He goes inside and Mishti is not there so he wonders about her whereabouts. Nishant thinks if he should track her through Abir’s app but then drops the idea.

He thinks if Mishti has gone to meet Abir but then says that she would have informed her in this case. Just then he finds the necklace Abir had gifted Mishti on the floor and thinks that Abir wanted to meet Mishti and wonders if she can forgive him.

Nidhi receives a call on landlines. It’s Nishant who pretends to be Abir’s English client and asks her to make him talk with him but Nidhi tells him that Abir has gone somewhere without telling anybody. Nishant wonders if Mishti and Abir are together.

Mishti is out cycling. She stops her cycle and recalls her moments with Abir. Just then Kuhu comes and Mishti turns towards her. Kuhu says that she must have felt like Abir will come there despite she was the one who called her and asked her to meet. Mishti replies that she came there to meet her only and she didn’t even tell anybody that she was leaving like Kuhu had asked her to do or else now she doesn’t need to hide it from anyone when she wants to meet Nishant, unlike the times she used to meet Abir.

Kuhu thanks God and says that she just wanted to know this since she was doubtful after Abir came in the roka function. Mishti wonders why Abir came in the function. Kuhu says that there is one thing common between them and that’s the fact that both of them think by heart which is very stupid and asks her to listen to her brain only. Mishti says that she has accepted Vishambharnat’s decision with her heart and brain both and then leaves saying that Nishant must be wondering about her whereabouts and she doesn’t want to hurt him.

Kunal sees Kuhu with Mishti and wonders why she came to meet her without telling anybody. He goes to her and clears his throat from behind. Kuhu turns and gives him a punch but then realizes it’s Kunal only. She apologizes for hitting him and calls him creep for following her.

Mishti comes back home and Nishant is waiting outside for her. Nishant thinks that she has the same look every time she goes to meet Abir and wonders why she went to meet him. Rajshri stops Mishti and asks her where she went. Mishti replies that she went to meet Kuhu who scolded her since she is worried about Nishant after what happened in the roka function as she thinks that she will hurt Nishant. Mishti says that Nishant trusts her a lot and he is her best friend so she will never let his trust break and will never hurt him. Nishant scolds himself mentally for doubting Mishti and blames Abir for that.

On the other hand Kunal and Kuhu has reached home and Kunal is hissing for pain. Abir asks Kunal what happened to him and Kunal blames Kuhu. Abir and Kuhu starts laughing. Kuhu says that Kunal was stalking her. Kunal says that nobody would like to stalk her. Abir asks him who broke his nose then and Kunal replies that a very strong goon did. Kuhu says that she was the one.

Abir asks Kuhu why would he follow her though and Kuhu replies that she went to meet Mishti and says that she thinks that Mishti would meet him. Abir gets happy and says that he is feeling so small in front of her kuhuness. Kuhu says that she is ready to help her only if he will tell her about his every plan because she doesn’t want her family to get hurt again.

Abir says that he knows that her family got hurt a lot because of him and wants to apologize but cannot ask them a second chance unless he proves them that he deserves it. Kuhu asks him how he will prove that and he replies that MIshti will help him and adds that Mishti completes her and helps her taking the right decision so he needs her. Abir says that they need to unite and then they will solve everybody’s problem.

Kuhu says except Nishant. Abir wishes he could get Mishti back in his life without breaking Mishti’s heart and hopes he becomes his good friend too after everything gets solved. Kuhu says that she knows that it hurts a lot when you love someone and that person doesn’t love you back so she is helping him because it’s better to come out from a loveless relationship as soon as possible since one sided love hurts a lot.

Kunal looks at her. Abir is confused by her words. Kuhu leaves. Abir apologizes Kunal because Kuhu broke his nose after he went to help him. Kunal asks him not to apologize ever again and also tell everyone that his nose got broken because he fought with three/four goons. Abir accepts that and then asks him to find out about Meenakshi’s next day meeting.

The next morning Mishti comes downstairs. Kuhu comes and asks her to come with her in the market. Mishti asks her why and Kuhu just says she wants to do a lot of shopping. Varsha asks Mishti to come and select a good song for sangeet function. Mishti sits on table with Jasmeet who glares at her.

Abir wakes Kunal up. He asks him the time. Abir asks him to take rest and he will go alone to meet Mishti but Kunal wakes up saying that he ruined his life joining Meenakshi’s plans so now that things are getting solved he will stand with him.

Jasmeet says that she has a lot of work so doesn’t want to dance on any song. Mishti asks her if she doesn’t even want to dance on her favourite song Kaala chashma. She tries convincing her to dance. Nishant comes and asks her too. Jasmeet agrees. Kuhu says now that everything is sorted Mishti can come with her for shopping but Mishti says that she has to rehearse. Nishant says that she should go for shopping and he will come along them.

On the other hand Abir thinks that the roka has happened and the wedding day is coming closer so he can’t wait anymore. Nanu comes and asks him what is happening. Abir says that he knows what is happening but not what is going to happen. He asks Nanu about Meenakshi and Nanu replies that he isn’t talking with her.

Nidhi comes and asks them how can they do this with Meenakshi who is their own and there is someone else who is an outsider, she looks at Parul. Abir says that outsiders are better than such own people. He leaves. The doorbell rings and Nidhi goes to open the door. She gets shocked.

Kuhu tries convincing Nishant not to come with them. Mishti asks Kuhu and Nishant to go but Kuhu says that she won’t like what she will buy. Rajshri convinces Mishti to go with Kuhu. Mishti and Kuhu leave. Varsha pulls Nishant’s leg saying that it seems like he is already missing Mishti but he replies that he is not going to miss anybody until he is with such hotties. He then wonders if Abir asked Kuhu to bring Mishti so that he can meet her and thinks that Abir is surely planning something.

Kunal apologize to Abir for being late while coming dowstairs. They are shocked to see police in their house when they come down. Abir asks the lady officer why they came there.
Mishti asks Kuhu why she brought her there. Kuhu says that he should have arrived by now. Mishti asks who. Kuhu replies the shop’s owner.

Mishti is confused and asks her more questions. Kuhu says that she should have given IPS exams if she wanted to ask so many questions. The owner of chai stall gives Kuhu and Mishti chai and chips saying that Bhaiya ordered them. Mishti understands that Abir is coming hearing chai and chips. She asks Kuhu if Abir coming but Kuhu stops her.

Mishti asks Kuhu what happened to her when until yesterday she was so protective about Nishant and today she took her to meet Abir. Kuhu says that Abir just wanted to talk with her for five minutes. Mishti says that she doesn’t want to talk with him and leaves. Kuhu is about to call Abir and tell him that Mishti is gone but just then Mishti comes back and says that she is ready to talk with Abir for five minutes to close this chapter forever since she doesn’t want him to come back to her house and hurt her family. She sees red heart shaped balloons and wonders what Abir will tell her.

Police says that they have come to arrest Parul. Abir asks them for what. Police asks him if he is Parul’s son and he replies he is and asks them to show arrest warrant. The police officers give him the arrest warrant and Abir gets shocked reading that they want to arrest Parul in fraud case for marrying an already married man and having equal fault in the fraud of Meenakshi’s company. Abir says that he knew Meenakshi was going to do something like this only. Meenamsbi comes and says she didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone is shocked.
Episode ends

Precap: Mishti says she is not going to wait for Abir anymore. Meenakshi tells Abir that she chose a girl for him and he will have to marry her in the evening itself or else Parul will stay in jail forever.