Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th October 2019 written update: Mishti is miffed with Abir for hiding the truth

Episode begins with Abir is thinking his father must not understand boardings in the family or else she will never say something like that to him. He suddenly gets the letters of Mishti from the pocket of his shirt anti read the letter where Mishti shares her feelings with him. He reads them one by one after finding them from his jeans and shirt and Kurta’s pocket and realises Mishti made so many promises to him which she will fulfill eventually. Other hand, he thinks, he is making promises to work but don’t able to do anything for her. Abir decides in his mind, he will make from promises to Mishti as well and I will honour them also.

In the morning, Mishti went for a jog in the park where she imagines Abir around her. She slowly realised that she is hallucinating.

Abir is also lost in thoughts when Mehul comes to him and says did you give a thought to the topic I told you last night. Abir says except that I was not able to think or process anything in my mind. Abir promises to Mehul that I will go and have a word with Mishti. Mehul says you should go and mollify her. Meenakshi is standing upstairs and Abir notices her and then go from there. Mishti comes back home and find Varsha is way very tensed about Kuhu. She thought to tell her the truth as she is a mother and she has a right to know about her daughter’s whereabouts.

Kuhu calls her mom and says that she is fit and fine but she wants to come home for a few days as she is missing them. Varsha gets worried for her and asks if she is fine and if everything is ok in Rajvansh family. Kuhu convinced Varsha everything is fine but why are you asking me that the reason of coming to my own house?

it is the season of navratri and your daughter comes your home and then you are asking why. Varsha says nothing is like that you are my daughter and this house belongs to you as well so who am I to stop you from coming in your own house. Mishti realises that who wants to tell the truth lenter family herself and she needs to bAbhi and talks to each other.

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Abir and Kuhu are talking to each other, Abir asks why she agreed to the wrongful demands of Kunal? He says you are a smart girl, independent of modern times. You do know how to differentiate between right and wrong. Just don’t let Kunal overpower you, it is absolutely not necessary to do everything that he is asking for. until and unless you will respect yourself nobody is going to respect you. Kuhu says to abid that she wants to go home for a few days as she is feeling suffocated here.

Abir agrees instantly and says I will drop you at home. They are going out when Parul stops Kuhu and ask where she is going suddenly? Abir says she is going to her paternal house and the reason you people should better ask Kunal. Abir thinks maybe Meenakshi is also aware of the entire incident. Meenakshi comes forward and ask why she is going to pet animal house all of a sudden? Kuhu makes her understand that she is going for some days only. Meenakshi notices the tension brewing up between Kuhu and Kunal and think something must have happened between them but what?

Precap – Mishti and Abir confrontation.