Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke 16th January 2020 Written Update: MEENAKSHI GETS PARUL ARRESTED AND BLACKMAILS ABIR TO GET MARRIED

The episode starts with Abir asking Meenakshi what’s the condition, what should he do in order to stop Parul from going to jail. Meenakshi just asks police to arrest Parul. A lady officer goes towards Parul who cries and says that she was not aware of Mehul being already married. She tells the same to Kunal. Meenakshi says that she knew that, in fact the whole village knew it.

Abir interrupts her asking her to stop because he knows that she just wants to blackmail him. Nidhi stops her husband from interfering saying that Meenakshi knows what she is doing. Meenakshi orders the police to arrest Parul and in fact they take her away. Kunal asks Meenakshi why she is doing all this. Meenakshi replies that she is not doing anything,

everything was done by Mehul and Parul only. She asks Nanu, who was going to Parul, to stop since it’s a non bailable warrant so there is no use to go to the police station. Kunal says he will go with Nanu. Kunal and Nanu leave.

Abir asks Meenakshi to tell now at least what is the threat. Meenakshi says that she doesn’t threaten anybody but now she will do everything to show Abir what she is capable of and declares that Mishti cannot come in that house.

Mishti tells Kuhu that Abir will not come for sure. Kuhu says he had told her that he is coming. Mishti says that she has already tried to talk with him various times but in vain, in fact she came back from London to talk with him only but he doesn’t love her anymore. She corrects herself saying that Abir might love her and that is why he puts his own life in danger to save her and also came in her roka but he doesn’t trust her. She tells Kuhu that she told Kunal his truth by mistake but Abir never asked her what had happened to her.

Mishti says that she doesn’t know if Abir loves her or not, trusts her not but she is sure that he won’t come. She adds that her parents didn’t love her and she can’t choose her parents but she can choose to love or not someone who doesn’t love her back and she has chosen not to love Abir and not to wait for him. Just then Kuhu and Mishti see Nishant there.

Abir receives Mishti’s call and Meenakshi says that it must be Mishti only. Abir asks her if she did everything to separate him from Mishti. Meenakshi replies that nobody is greater than family for her. Abir blames her for sending to jail a person who always stood by her as a friend, who considered her as an elder sister and says that he doesn’t want to be part of such a family if she treats her family like this. Nidhi’s husband tries asking Meenakshi why she sent Parul to jain but Meenakshi says that he shouldn’t question her like he has never done. Nidhi asks him to shut up too and tells him and Abir that they can’t understand a woman’s pain.

She blames Parul for snatching Meenakshi’s husband. Ketki says that they stayed together for so many years. Meenakshi replies they stayed together for so many years but everything got ruined when Mishti came:

Ketaki’s alliance was broken, she brought Mehul in their house despite she tried keeping him away from her family for years without knowing the truth, she told Kunal’s truth to him. Abir stops her saying that she is not right like she thinks, she is wrong but Meenakshi says that she is absolutely right and today Abir is making the same mistake she made 25 years ago when she didn’t listen to her father chosing a wrong husband and now he can’t let him choose a wrong companion.

Abir says that she is still not right and above all Mishti is not at all like Mehul, she saved Ketaki from getting her life ruined, she got Mehul arrested and thankfully she also told Kunal the whole truth since now he understood that he used to be manipulated by his mother, he has an individuality now and takes his own decisions. He adds that Mishti did nothing wrong to any of this family member but wrong happened with Mishti who fell in love with a guy whose mother has such a wrong thinking.

Meenakshi replies that she is not wrong, Mishti is and in fact she made him forget education and now she will remind him. She tells Abir that she chose a girl for him and he will have to marry her in the evening itself and if he refuses, Parul will stay in jail forever. Abir is shocked.

Kuhu asks Mishti how Nishant came there. Nishant asks them what they are doing there since they were going for shopping. Mishti says that it’s not Kuhu’s fault but before she can say more Kuhu says that the thele wala Bhaiya didn’t come yet. Nishant asks Mishti where she has hidden his Kuhu who never stepped wore anything except designer clothes, he says he is proud of Kuhu.

The latter doesn’t let Mishti reveal the truth to Nishant about what they are doing there. Nishant apologizes to Mishti for ruining their plans. Mishti says that life never follows their plan, that’s why there is always a plan B. She asks them to go home and she has to get some stuff from NGO. Nishant offers to accompany her. Kuhu leaves.

Kunal argues with the inspector for Parul’s bail but she replies that she can’t do anything. Nanu promises Parul to get her out somehow. Parul cries. Abir comes.

Mishti shows hand made churi to Nishant telling him how difficult it is to make them. Nishant says that she must have tried to make them too since she loves trying to do something new. The NGO woman says that she couldn’t become express in this work. Mishti says that she hasn’t given up yet. She admires their work.

The woman reminds Mishti about the moment she and Abir made churiya together. Mishti gets sad. The woman apologizes and leaves. Nishant tells Mishti that she doesn’t need to be strong in front of him since he knows she still loves Abir. Mishti says that there is no need to think about him and now she just wants to start a new life with him and promises him that she will not disappoint him.

Nanu tells Abir that Meenakshi got what she wants since after the condition she put it is impossible for him and Mishti to unite. Kunal says that this should not happen and he shall talk with Meenakshi but then says that she didn’t listen to her own son so why she should listen to him. Abir thinks that Meenakshi wants to forcefully get him married and ruin two lives. Parul asks Abir what Meenakshi asked from him. Abir says that he won’t let her stay in jail and will do anything for her.

Parul asks him not to do anything. She says that she knows Meenakshi will never let him unite with Mishti and asks him not to sacrifice his love for her since she is no one for her. She says that she shall not lose Mishti. Abir promises her that he will not lose Mishti and will get her out of jail as well.

Later Kuhu asks Abir where he was. Abir tells her that a problem had come. Kuhu says that all the problems seem coming towards him only and scolds him for involving her in a plan against her own brother and then disappearing and now he is playing games.

Abir tries explaining himself but Kuhu says that Mishti is tired of waiting for him and won’t do it anymore. Abir says that she can’t give up. Kuhu replies that Mishti is just taking control of her life in her own hands.

Abir says that she has control over his life too and asks Kuhu’s help but she refuses to help him anymore and leaves.

Ketaki stops Kuhu and tells her that police arrested Parul. Kuhu is shocked.

Abir and Nanu struggles to get Parul out but in vain since Parul cannot get bail unless Meenakshi takes back her complain. Abir says he has to talk with Mishti and take any decision after talking to her only. Nanu asks him how he will talk to her.

On the other hand Kunal tries convincing Meenakshi not to force Abir to marry someone else as he is not going to be happy. Meenakshi asks Kunal if he is not happy after she took all his decisions and asks him also if he is there for his brother or his mother. Kunal says that he has never considered someone else except her as mother. Meenakshi asks him why he is taking Mishti’s side then. Ketaki and Kuhu overhear their conversation.

Nanu asks Abir not to go to meet Mishti as it’s her sangeet and a lot of drama may happen but Abir says he has to meet her at any cost. Kuhu says she will help him.
Episode ends
Episode ends

Precap: Abir and Kunal change their get up and enter in Mishti and Nishant’s sangeet. Abir asks Mishti to talk with him for 5 minutes