Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th March 2020 Written Update: MEENAKSHI GETS ANGRY ON ABIR AND MISHTI

The episode starts with the interviewers asking Meenakshi why they were hiding that Kunal is not her son and many other questions that shocks the family. Mishti asks them not to ask such questions and says that it’s an emotional day for them. Meenakshi leaves.

Kuhu follows Meenakshi and apologizes for what happened saying that she had no idea about all this but Meenakshi blames her for backstabbing her. Meenakshi says that she considered her and Mishti as daughters but they planned all this with Kunal. Kuhu says that she had no idea Kunal was going to make Parul cut the ribbon, in fact her family didn’t even know this truth.

Meenakshi asks her how Varsha brought gift for Parul then. Kuhu says that the gift was for her. She says it isn’t her fault. Meenakshi says that it is Mishti’s fault then. Kuhu says that she doesn’t know as Mishti doesn’t tell her anything about her plans. She says that she found Mishti’s gesture of returning the company to Kunal very genuine but the truth is that the company is the result of her and Kunal’s hardwork and belongs to them only. She asks Meenakshi to remember that Kunal is only his son and she considers her mother-in-law only. Meenakshi says that all these talks are only good for heart and leaves in the car.

Mishti brings Abir in the room and says that he should have informed her that they were planning to make Parul cut the ribbon. Abir tells her that he wasn’t aware too but Mishti refuses to believe because he never leaves a chance to be the hero and she is sure that there is his contribute in whatever happened today. She hugs him and thanks him since Parul finally got her right. Jasmeet hears their conversation.

Mishti is worried for Shaurya and Varsha since they must have got a shock. Abir says that he is sure that it won’t matter for them that Kunal is Parul’s son.

On the other hand Shaurya tell Kunal that he should have told them before. Nanu says that he is right but this was his and Meenakshi’s decision of not revealing this. Kunal says that he took time to accept this fact. Vishambharnat says that it’s good that the truth is out but it shouldn’t have come out like this.

Kuhu comes and says that Meenakshi has gone and was crying a lot. Vishambharnat asks Kunal to go to her. Kunal and Kuhu leave.
Shaurya says that they should understand their position as they deserved to know the truth. He asks Nanu to tell the whole thing.

Abir tells Mishti that he is worried about Meenakshi’s reaction. Mishti asks him not to be negative. Abir says that he is realistic and he is scared that she returns into Big Ben mode. Mishti says that she is strict but they should have prepared her for all this. Abir makes her understand that Meenakshi would have not let Parul make the inauguration then because she doesn’t like anything that happens against her wish. Mishti gets that.

Jasmeet asks Kuhu why she didn’t go with Kunal. Kuhu says that Meenakshi is upset and thinks Mishti did all this. Jasmeet says that it is like this only and tells Kuhu that she saw Mishti hugging Abir and thanking him for giving Parul her right. Kuhu gets shocked. Jasmeet bashes Mishti but stops seeing Varsha there.

Varsha asks Kuhu if she knew that Kunal is Parul’s son. Kuhu says that she did but Kunal took time to accept this. Jasmeet blames Mishti for what happened. Varsha says that now what happened doesn’t matter but it is important that they stay with Meenakshi and asks Kuhu to go to her.

Meenakshi recalls Kunal saying that Parul is her mother. She is about to fall but Kunal comes and holds her. He apologizes. Parul says that she is not her mother. Kunal says that she has always been her mother and asks her not to behave like this. Meenakshi says that this is nothing in front of what he did. She blames him for saying in front of everybody that she is not her mother. She says that she could have told him that he wanted Parul to do the inauguration. She adds that she has never thought that Parul is a servant but it is Parul herself who took those responsibilities.

Kunal says that he didn’t even know he was going to do this before talking to Abir and Mishti. Meenakshi says that she doesn’t care about anything except the fact that her son has left her. She asks him to leave and go to Parul. Kunal leaves. Meenakshi cries and is angry with Mishti.

Mishti brings Parul inside the house and says that it is a special day for her. Parul says that she isn’t able to believe that Kunal did all this. She gives the credit of what happened to Mishti and Abir but Mishti says that it is Kunal who gave her right to her. Kuhu glares at them. Nanu asks Kuhu to go to the temple to talk with Meenakshi. Kuhu agrees.

Parul asks Mishti to apologize to her family from her behalf. Ketki comes and shows Mishti that the video of the function got 1 million views and everybody is congratulating Parul and supporting them. Mishti tells the same to Parul and hugs her. Parul looks at Kunal who has just come.

Nanu explains Meenakshi that she has not lost but this is her biggest victory. Meenakshi says that she lost her son and asks how it’s her victory. Nanu says that it is her upbringing that made Kunal do such a good thing. Kuhu says that Kunal left everything and went to her as soon as he came to know about her condition. Nanu says that it is because he needs her and nobody can change this truth. He asks Meenakshi to go to Kunal. Meenakshi walks away.

Parul tells Kunal that she got everything in this house but she just wanted her son to call her mother and today he fulfilled this wish of hers too so she doesn’t want anything more now. She cries emotionally. Kunal hugs her. Mishti and Abir look at them smiling. Parul thanks Kunal who is not able to say anything.
Meenakshi comes. Mishti asks Parul and Kunal to smile and takes their picture. Abir sees Meenakshi. Abir and Mishti look at each other. Meenakshi leaves. Kuhu comes too.

Meenakshi is on balcony. Abir comes. Meenakshi thinks it’s Kunal and asks him to leave. She turns around and sees it’s Abir. She blames Abir for giving her the biggest pain because he told the whole truth to the world without her consent and ruined her selfless love for Kunal and her reputation. Abir says that it’s not her fault if her husband left her. He says that they shouldn’t talk about someone who is gone.

Meenakshi says that the past doesn’t leave them and Mishti knows it well. She says that she has made her ashamed telling the whole truth to the world and revealing about her husband’s affair. Abir asks her why she kept Parul in the house then. Meenakshi replied that she did it for humanity but she didn’t know this will happen. Abir asks her what she is saying as everybody is respecting her even more after knowing the truth.

Meenakshi says that the truth was related to her and asks her who he is to reveal it. She blames Mishti for all this. Abir says that the truth can’t be changed and the truth is that he kept Parul as a servant in the house just for her reputation. Meenakshi says she has never misbehaved with Parul. Abir says that she has never considered her equal.

Meenakshi replies that she is not equal because she is not Meenakshi Rajvansh. Abir says that Mishti should have been here and see that he was right when he told her that she would have reacted this way. He says that he hid from her that he asked Kunal to accept Parul because she created so many problems in his life and he can’t trust her anymore. He asks her to accept that she is wrong and leaves.

Meenakshi says that now she will bring another truth in front of Abir, Kuhu and Mishti’s truth, and then she will see if he will accept that.(Episode ends)

Precap: Kuhu blames Mishti for making her a servant’s daughter-in-law. Kunal gets shocked seeing Meenakshi in servant attire.