Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 16th October 2019 :- Abir and Mishti tries to lessen their misunderstanding

Episode begins with Mishti open the door of Maheshwari house and sees Abir is standing outside. She gets surprised to see him there when Rajshri notices Abir and asks him to come inside. Kuhu comes from behind the door and give them surprise of her arrival in the house. She says I was missing you also I came here for some days. Both abhi and Kunal enter the house together.

Meenakshi here is freaking out at Yashpal regarding the topics of Mehul, manipulation and family being away from her. Meenakshi says my kids are grown up now and they have learnt to take their decisions on their own. Hence, how will they think about my advice or interference in the life? yashwant says if your son is Miss taking it is your responsibility to set him on the right path. Somehow if you are not able to do this then confess it to me, I will do on your behalf.

Meenakshi says what you want me to do and what all I will have to do and for how long? I can’t force Kuhu to stay at this house and not to go to her maternal family. What you want me to do? to get Mishti married to Abir? Yashpal says what is wrong in Mishti is marrying Abir and be the daughter-in-law of this house. They are about to say something when Nidhi and Parul entered and informs minakshi the necklace got stolen from the house indeed.

In Maheshwari house, Mishti is not talking to Abir directly and he’s trying to be happy in front of all people so that the investigation doesn’t come out. Google says she is missing all of them that is why he came to stay over here for some days and she informed Kunal about it.

Abir asks Rajshri what are the consequences of telling a lie to someone very special? Rajshri says basically it’s wrong to light the person who is very close to you. However if your intention behind telling the lie is simply because you don’t want to hurt the people you love, then lying is not that of a big blunder. In the Rajvansh house, Mehul and Meenakakshi argue over the lost necklace, Meenakshi says I don’t need any necklace help to throw you out of the house as my entire family is standing with me.

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ये रिश्ते हैं प्यार के 16 अक्टूबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट :- अबीर और मिष्टी ने अपनी गलतफहमी को कम करने की कोशिश की!

Abir brings Mishti at the function of dussehra organised by his NGO so that he can talk to her in private. On the other side, Mehul meets the same person who came to Rajvansh house and tries to blackdnin his face. it is revealed that it was indeed Mehul himself who hired the person to blacken his face.

Abir is trying to tell Mishti about all the things that is going to occur between them if the alliance goes further. Mishti gets scared and says are you trying to break up with me forever with giving excuses of fate. She says you are not alone in a relationship but I am also in it. Hence, it will be my decision as well what to do with this relationship, and you can’t take the call alone.

Abir says today is dussehra and this day all the evil intentions gets drained, for me the oldest thing can happen ever is you leaving me. Mishti hugs him and says I can not leave you ever. Abir asks Mishti to come with him and burn the statue of Ravana. Mehul means that mysterious person and says to go undercover for some days as Meenakshi is spying on me.

Precap – Mishti noticed Mehul at the fairground. Meenakshi comes to Maheswari house to finalize the alliance of Abir and Mishti.