Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th September 2019 written update: Mishti and Abir save a life

The episode begins with Abir and Mishti comes near a pond area for drowning the idol of Ganapati. Mishti gets a call from Yashpal, he is trying to enquire about the fight between Kunal and Abir as he is tensed. Abir is doing the last veneration of Ganapati before the immersion. Mishti informs Yashpal that there is so much noise here because of the Emerson process she is unable to hear anything of him. She told him that she will call him later. Yashpal has to give in and he hangs up the call.

Mishti is walking back to Abir when the same person whom Meenakshi met at the hospital walks pass through her. Mishti gets a sound of someone jump in the water and she turned back and locate someone is drowning in the water. She calls for help but everybody is busy with the immersion that nobody paid attention to her screams. She takes off her specs and jumps in the water to save the person. Abir is done with his veneration and bring the idol near the water area do the last rituals. abhi closes his eyes and praise to God that he goes back to come again every year, the same way his father should also come back to him now. suddenly the crowd their notices that one man is drowning and a girl is swimming towards him to save him. All of them starts to scream in panic and calls for people who can save the man.

Abir opens his eyes mysterious water and she is trying to save the man. He runs towards the direction where Mishti is bringing the man while swimming. Some people go into the water and helps Mishti. They made him lie on the ground while Abir covers Mishti with clothes. They tried to wake the person up but Abir is feeling unusual as if he has some connection with this person lying in front of him.
Meenakshi, on the other hand, is instructing her men to look for her husband and she says her gut feelings are saying he is not in Mumbai anymore but in his way to Rajkot. She stumbles with Kunal who scolds her for not being careful enough and takes the phone but Meenakshi snatches it from his hand and refused to tell him who called her. Kunal walks away while Meenakshi gets scared that after all these years her husband is coming back. Kuhu confronts Kunal and calls him complicated as unknowingly he is ending up hurting the two closest people in his life.

Mishti and Abir get the person treated while doc diagnosed him with high fever and recommend bed rest. Mishti informs Abir Jasmeet, Kuhu and Kunal left already for Rajkot and now she is worried about what is happening there? Rajshri calls Shankari Tai again to look for good alliances for Abir. Varsha gets a message from Jasmeet to come out of the house. Here Abir and Mishti talk to the person and he says he has nowhere to go and no one to call family. Mishti gets to know he is also going Rajkot and she says even though we are going there and you can come with us. He gives Mishti an idol of Ganapati to cure all her hurdles and problems. He gets a call from Meenakshi but Abir fails to notice it. Jasmeet tells Varsha about the whole fiasco of Mumbai and says we should go and meet Kuhu to know the matter.

Abir and Mishti find out that the person They brought has already left without informing them and Abir gets worried as he is having a fever and is not in a state to travel alone. Mishti and Abir also leaves for Rajkot.
Precap – Mishti, and Abir decides to tell Vishwambhar and Rajshri about their relationship. Kuhu informs Varsha about Mishti and Abir being in an alliance.