Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke 17th January 2020 Written Update: Abir comes in disguise to the music ceremony of Mishti and Nishant

Episode begins with Mishti is taking out her drawer and she remembers the moment she spent with a big discussing about their marriage. Where she says to him I will elope from my house and get married but after informing my family,

Abir says who will get married by eloped even after informing the family? she is lost in her memories when varsha comes there with the box of bangles and gets collided with her. All the bangles are scattered on the floor and Varsha made her wear the bangles.

Mishti silently listens to her words and nods in agreement. Later, Nannu is looking for his mother and other ladies from Vishwambhar but he says he has no clue about it. He says I am not getting why people are not even playing drums in the celebration. Suddenly some ladies and starts to playing drums and the song is playing in the background and all starts to dance together.

Mishti gets happy to see everybody is enjoying, she says finally it feels like that I have taken a right call after long because everybody is genuinely happy. Abir and Kunal are discussing about how the matter can be done? Kunal is saying that who will listen to us and Abir says maybe Mishti will understand. Kunal says it is good at least someone will understand.

Kuhu comes there with the bag and says the next turn is both of yours. Kunal says I am not ready to Kuhu because your grandfather appears to be the hero of old movies but now he looks similar to old movies villain. Kuhu asks why are you getting scared don’t you get habituated by now by seeing your own mother?

Shaurya comes from behind and asks Kuhu to bring them inside and you get surprised. Later she understands that her father is talking about Ketki.
Meenakshi comes to meet Parul in the jail,

Parul asks what did I do wrong to you that you put me in jail ? Minakshi says I took special permission to meet you in the gel and says once Abir will got married he will be free from this. Parul says let me stay in this jail for lifetime but please don’t get abir married without his will and minakshi says today you proved that in the time of crisis is when your own shadow leaves you. Inside the Maheshwari house, everybody is celebrating the music ceremony of Mishti and Nishant.

During the dance, Mishti noticed Abir in front of her and she took into a corner and ask what are you doing here now? Mishti says before anyone can see you and it creates a in the function please go away from here. Abir says to Mishti if you don’t go with me then I will come in front of your grandfather.

Mishti somehow goes out of the house after informing Nishant. Nishanth gets a bit suspicious while on the other part Abir gets a call from his mother that marriage register is coming to their house and he needs to be there as soon as possible. Mishti comes to meet Abir and sales it is too late for both of us to talk about anything.

Mishti says it is too late for both of us and the biggest fruit is you abandoned me when I needed you the most. This reality is never going to change no matter what and I stopped taking decision from my heart because emotions are always logic less.

Even now also my heart wants to stand here and listen to your words but that is not possible and she went from there and Abir says you are right like always Mishti. I cannot be an emotional fool and took a decision this time.

Precap – Abir calls Nishant to meet and asks him not to get married with Mishti.