Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th September 2019 written update: Varsha gets to know about Mishti and Abir

The episode begins with Abir and Mishti are in the car and going towards the airport when the driver plays the song of Agar Tum Saath ho and Mishti asks him to raise up the volume. They reached the airport and Abir says that he is going to miss this place as this place has given him so many memories. Mishti says that she is having the same feeling. They are going inside the airport when a person collided with them and their handhold gets detached. Mishti gets angry but Abir asked her to calm down as maybe he has to stop someone from going.

Kunal checks his phone and finds out there is no text or call from Abir. He gets upset and says that he didn’t even try to find out how I am? Parul comes to Kunal and tries to find out what is the problem but he slams her saying that who are you that I should share everything with you. Parul gets upset with his words and she goes to Meenakshi who blames her for all the happenings in the house. She says that for her, she is bound to get Kunal married to Kuhu. Jasmeet and Varsha come to Rajvansh house to meet Kuhu. Kuhu meets them and says they should have talked to Yashpal and Meenakshi first as they are the elders of the house. Mishti comes home to find that Vishwambhar is getting romantic with Rajshri. She cheers up for them and asks what is the occasion to celebrate? Vishwambhar says that today is the day when our elders give their blessings to us for this beautiful life we are leading. Mishti gets a thought and thinks even she and Abir also needs the blessings of Vishwambhar and Rajshri at least.

Kuhu confessed to Varsha about the relationship between Abir and Mishti. She says that both of them love each other so much but Kunal doesn’t like it and she elaborates to her mother about all the incidents that took place during the marriage process of her. Jasmeet says to Varsha later that they can never let Mishti and Abir be together as it will ruin the happiness of Kuhu. Varsha tries to reason with her that if they both love each other so much for real then I have no right to destroy their lives. She receives a message from Kuhu stating that if Mishti comes at Rajvansh house then her marriage with Kunal will be over hence she is seeking the help of Varsha to stop it from coming at Rajvansh house.

Mishti tells Abir to confess about their relationship in front of Vishwambhar and Rajshri at least as she wants their blessing for her life. Abhi agrees for it and Mishti gets excited and happy. Abir comes home and starts to make noodles and all the people of the house understands that he had a fight with Kunal. He says yes they had a fight and did anyone wants to know anything else? She asks Parul to pass the capsicums to add in noodles. Later Kuhu catches Kunal talking on the phone with someone secretly and she gets suspicious. She tries to put some sense in Kunal and says that for the sake of Mishti fighting with your elder brother is a bad idea. Meenakshi comes in the room and takes her side. Kuhu excused herself and ask Meenakshi to had a talk with Kunal and secretly leaves with his phone to check with whom he is talking.

Precap: Vishwambhar, Rajshri, Varsha, Shaurya catches Abir and Mishti while romancing with each other.