Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th March 2020 Written Update: ABIR AND KUNAL GETS KIDNAPPED

The episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Meenakshi in Paul’s clothes. She says that they gave her place to Parul and now she’s taking Parul’s place. Parul begs her not to do so as its her job to cook for everyone and takes care of everyone. Meenakshi says Kunal that he pronounced to the world who’s his real mother and she doesn’t have any place there. Abir says that her problem is with him and asks her to show it on him instead of creating drama.

Kunal and Parul stands teary eyed when Meenakshi pronounces that Abir’s father will take over her place being the son of the house. Abir’s father gets shocked and asks how could he. Dadu says that it’s only her who can handle the company and its only because of her the company is successful. They beg her not tobdo so. After a lots of begging Meenakshi agreed to take back the company. Abir leaves fuming.

Parul says about Kunal and Abir not having their breakfast. Mishti offers to take for Kunal and it return Kuhu offers to take for Abir. Abir tries talking about Mishti to Kuhu but Kuhu misunderstands it and leaves blaming Mishti. On the other hand Kunal tries saying about Kuhu to Mishti but Mishti says that she will always blame her for everything and leaves. Abir gets frustrated. Kunal is about to leave to office when Abir stops him. He says about Kuhu while Kunal says about Mishti.

Kunal says that nothing can be sorted between them. Abir plays the video recording when they confessed their affection for each other in inebriated state. Kunal says that it’s only because they were drunk and nothing more. Abir says that even he will accompany him as he couldn’t tolerate the drama at home. Kunal says that what will he do in office for which Abir says that they are not going for office but out. He calls Guru and says the same.

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Meenakshi is reading the newspaper about Parul’s news and throws it away in anger. She says Abir’s father that the because of this news the investors may get confused about the owner of the company and it can lead to their loss. They wonder what to do. Kuhu and Mishti behaves cold and immature with each other when Guru says about Kunal and Abir leaving for movie. They fumes hearing it as they didn’t take them with them. They continue with their cat sights for every silly thing. Kunal and Abir are in the cafe when some people kidnaps them.

Mishti gets the kidnappers call but she thinks it to be a prank and shuts the phone. Kuhu asks why did she take it lightly but Mishti says it’s some prank. Kuhu too gets the same call and gets worried. Mishti finds that Abir is that kichdiwala and gets happy. Soon Ketu brings her the newspaper and shows about the kidnappers in town. Maami too asks Mishti to not go out alone. Mishti recalls the call and gets worried.

Precap : The kidnappers attack Kuhu and Mishti saves her. The kidnappers push both of them into a pool.