Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th October 2019 written update: Kunal creates a scene in the Maheshwari house

Episode begins with Meenakshi is saying to Maheshwari family that she values the happiness of her kids more hence she is here to finalize the relationship of Mishti And Abir. I am here with my family to fix the date of engagement. Mishti and Abir reached the house and they also got to hear the news. Abir gets shocked to hear the news where as Mishti gets very happy to see Meenakshi is trying to accept her. She comes inside with Abir and Meenakshi welcomes them. Meenakshi ask Vishwambhar if he has no problem then she would like to official the alliance of Mishti and Abir. Vishambhar says to be very honest we are ourselves are thinking to come to you for discussing about this relationship but we are keeping ourselves restricted because you people at dealing with some internal complications yourself in the family. Hence we thought not to bother you further about this. Abir has already on our hearts and we have no problem with the alliance.

Rajshri compliments Abir and praises the upbringing of Meenakshi. She says if he is shining like a diamond then the glows in him comes from you. The way you put basics, manners, cultures and etiquettes in a bi that shows up in his lifestyle and behaviour. Meenakshi feels proud of her son and thanks Rajshri for complimenting her.

Yashpal and get into cute conversation in the house of Maheshwari family where Yashpal blames Abir for breaking the bro code by talking to you about Mishti alone . He says I will give him punishment after having the word with Mishti. Everyone la in the family to see the bonding between Abir and his grandfather. Vishwambhar and Rajshri both requested Yashpal to consider them as his son and daughter-in-law and if he needs them then he can approach them without any hesitation.

Both the families finalizes the talks for the alliance and Shaurya suggested to celebrate the moment by distributing sweets. They are feeding each other sweets when Kunal appears there all of a sudden. He complains that people forget him back at home and came here without even informing him. He says out of nowhere to Meenakshi that she has forgotten the papers back at home she made. Meenakshi couldn’t be able to figure out what kind of papers he is talking about when Abir comes forward and took the paper from Kunal to have a look. She get shocked after reading the paper and he announced in front of the family that this paper is a legal agreement between me and Mishti which means if me and Misty got separated ever in life then she will have no claim over his property and share. A furious Abir outrightly blames Meenakshi for trying to create troubles in everyone’s life. He said Kunal has no fault in it but Meenakshi can go to any length to fulfill her motive.

Yashpal feels physically ill and everyone runs to him to get him settled. A furious Abir while Meenakshi and Kunal already left the house. Mishti asks Abir that he shouldn’t talk to Meenakshi in such a way. Mehul is happy to see his plan is working in a perfect way. Meenakshi on the other hand told that all this has been done with the help of Mehul Kapadia. She tries to make Kunal understand that she is not against him but somehow they have to make Abir feel we all are happy in his happiness. Vishwambhar requested Yashpal to let him some more to have a detailed think about this alliance.

Precap – Abir announces to steyn separately once he is get married to Mishti.