Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th September 2020 Written Update: Mishti plans a surprise for Kuhu

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th September 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Abir saying to Mishti they promised Varsha that they won’t let Kuhu say yes for surrogacy. Jasmeet call Varsha and Rajshree. Varsha gets upset learning that Kuhu is going to be Mishbir’s surrogate. Abir tries to convince Varsha but Varsha refuses to talk with Mishbir.

There, Kuhu worries for Varsha and shares with Kunal, what is Varsha won’t talk her ever? Kunal console Kuhu. Mishti and Abir come and Kuhu asks them what Varsha said. Meanwhile, doctor calls Kuhu.

Here, Varsha sits upset and says she won’t talk with Kuhu ever now. Rajshree and Jasmeet try to console Varsha. Meenakshi enters and offers Rajshree to have sweet. Rajshree gives a befitting reply to Meenakshi. Meenakshi gets shocked.

Afterwards, Rajshree and Varsha decide to talk with Kuhu so that she can change her decision. They rush to the hospital. Rajshree and Varsha learn that surrogacy process of Kuhu gets complete. Varsha cries.

There, Kuhu tells to Meenakshi that procedure is done. Meenakshi says she remembers her promise. Mishti meets Kuhu. Doctor tells to Mishti, Abir and Kunal that surrogacy procedure is done and now after 2 weeks they will check; if Kuhu is pregnant or not. Doctor advice Kuhu to take extra rest. Mishti assures doctor that she will take care of Kuhu.

Ahead, Mishti and Abir spend quality time together. Kuhu gets upset seeing them and says to Kunal they are doing fun and she can only take rest. Rajvansh’s take extra care of Kuhu.

Later, Mishti tells to Kuhu that she has planned a surprise for her. Kuhu learns that her favorite star is in the town. She decides to meet him. Here, Meenakshi asks Abir to give homemade sweet to Kuhu. Abir asks Nidhi to cross-check Kuhu’s diet plan with Mishti as he don’t know whether prepared sweet is healthy for Kuhu or not. Nidhi says sweets are healthy. Meenakshi asks Niidhi to go and give it to Kuhu. She further thinks she will see till how long Abir will be upset with her. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kuhu tries to escape from the house and gets hurt. Mishbir and Kunal worries for her. Meenakshi feels betrayed.