Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th August 2019 written update:- Abir suspects Parul about being aware of this whole mess

The episode starts with Kuhu is finally ready for her wedding and Ananya compliments her. Jasmine comes there and wants to see you when Ananya stop sir and says that before doing the “taking your bad aura” ritual you can’t see her face.

Varsha comes there and says as Mishti is not present in the house maybe Rajshri will not conduct the ritual but don’t worry as your mother I will do it. She turns and sees Rajshri is standing at the door with two people for the ritual and she says whatever is the ritual to perform for a grandmother only she will do it. She performs the ritual and Kuhu hugs are in happiness. She uncovers the veil of Kuhu and compliments her for looking breathtakingly beautiful.

Ananya teases Kuhu for crying when Kuhu mistakenly says you always want me to cry Mishti, and suddenly realizes what she says and all feels upset. Rajshri hugs Kuhu.

In the Rajvansh house, celebrations are going on in full swing when Meenakshi and Kunal feel sad to see them as they know this happiness is short-lived. Parul goes to call Kunal and here Abir is dancing with housemates.

Mishti comes to Rajvansh house, she calls Jugnu and gives him a letter and face to give it to Abir post marriage. Jugnu says Mishti that Abir is looking for her but she denies. Parul comes and informs Abir that Kunal is missing from the house that he is left, on the other hand, Jugnu also decides to handover the letter to Abir. All the family members of the Rajvansh house get upset over Kunal sudden absence. Abir gets a letter of Kunal, where he blames Mishti for going away from the marriage like this and conveys to him to ask for an apology from Kuhu on behalf of him.

Mishti is also living for the airport when she wishes to see Abir for one last time. Nidhi, Ketki and every other housemate of Rajvansh family feels bad for Kuhu and tells about that if Kunal left like this what will happen to Kuhu and what will happen to the marriage preparations.

Shaurya calls at Rajasthan house to get the update of their arrival at their house. Abir asks Meenakshi to tell them they will be living in a moment and says that today he will make sure this marriage happens the way it was planned.

Yashpal shares with Parul that Kunal did wrong to Kuhu just the way his father did wrong to Meenakshi. Ketki tells a Parul that Meenakshi is calling her and Parul says even I want to talk to her. Mishti wants to call Abir but abort the idea because she doesn’t want him to know her location.

Kuhu sent a message to Kunal about their honeymoon spot but it shows delivery failed and she feels something is surely wrong with something.

Kunal calls Meenakshi and says we have taken a big risk and I am really scared. Meenakshi is sure that they are doing the right thing and finally, they will only emerge as victorious. Parul comes to room and sees Abir inside, she is about to go when he stops her and tells her that he is sure about Meenakshi’s involvement in this whole mess and he doesn’t want anything bad to happen. He also provokes Parul by saying Kunal did what exactly our dad did with my mom.

However, my mom was courageous enough to tolerate the incident but Kuhu is not. She is very impulsive and she does any act first and then thinks about it. He tries to instigate Parul to speak up the truth but Parul remains silent. Parul remembers how Kunal wants to send her back to the village and Meenakshi is threatening. She tells that she doesn’t know anything about the whole matter and leaves. Abhi says that I am sure of you being aware of the whole thing but I will not back off now.

Precap – Abir promises Meenakshi to bring Kunal to mandap anyhow and says I always keep my promise and you know that.