Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th September 2019 written update: Mishti is terrified with the fear of leaving Abir

The episode begins with Mishti is hugging Abir and the entire family members of Maheswari comes out. They caught them in hugging position and freaks out that what is going on? Abir tries to tell them everything when Mishti says that it is my responsibility to let my family know about everything. Vishwambhar stops Mishti and asks her to get inside.

Abir tries to tell him his point of view but Vishwambhar stops him and said that currently he only wants to talk with his daughter and no one else. Periods heartbroken with all the happenings while Jasmeet doesn’t back off from taunting Mishti.

Rajshri takes Misty inside while Abbir leaves the Maheshwari house premises with a heavy heart. Varsha says that Kuhu informed us on a pic of time or else my father and mother in law would have slept until now. Jasmeet says I am very happy with whatever happened when Varsha asks her to shut up and say are yous there is nothing to be happy about.

Mishti comes inside and she tells Rajshri that we are in a relationship from long before. Jasmeet again taunts her that you are being shameless to even say this. Mishti really doesn’t pay attention to her words and he tries to talk to Vishwambhar regarding this and takes effort to explain herself. She says that I used to think only I have feelings for Abir but now I have realized that it is not about one-sided love and even he loves me so much.

Varsha says that why don’t you are thinking about Kuhu once? Misty says I think a lot about her and this is the reason why I didn’t tell about my relationship with Abir to the family till now. She tries to explain herself to Rajshri and Vishwambhar but he says Mishti didn’t rely on me enough to tell me about her life and other things. Mishti says to Vishambhar that she believes in him more than she and she have no intention to hurt him and ask him not to cry.

Vishwambhar goes to his room and Rajshri also follows him. Jasmeet comes and tells Mishti that no use of weeping tears now just keep in your mind one thing that you have to forget Abir and breaks up with him.
Abir comes home and tells Yashpal about the whole incident. He says they got to know about the truth in a very bad way.

Vishwambhar got angry with Mishti and situation is so messed up. Yashpal says to Abir not to worry as he will talk to them tomorrow morning as a guardian. Jasmeet informs Kuhu about the whole scenario and Kuhu gets upset but she thinks that she has no other choice rather than doing this. She says if someone takes you away from your love then it hurts so much.

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Mishti comes to room and gives a call to Abir and says Varsha aunty wants me to forget you, I don’t know what will I do now? Abir says you can take the call if you think that we should part ways. Mishti says I can’t even think of it as I don’t can’t live without you. She requested not to cut the call and she will not sleep the whole night and they will be on call. Abir agrees and he says that I will not hang up the call you keep on talking to me.

In the morning, Rajshri in a way to make Vishambhar talk tells him some bad words about Mishti which triggered him. Vishwambhar takes Mishti’s side and says she is very unconventional and she has the guts to stand by her thinking and decisions this is why there are many people who don’t like her.

Rajshri says we will not get any good match rather than Abir for Mishti. Varsha comes there and starts to request them not to go ahead with the alliance as this will directly affect the married life of Kuhu.

Precap – Abir comes to Maheshwari house to ask for Mishti hand for marriage. Vishwambhar gives him situations and demands answers.