Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1st October 2019 written update:- Abir recieves a strange gift from Yashpal on birthday

Episode starts with all the Maheswari family is waiting for Mishti to arrive at house as it is quite late and it is really not looking good. Shaurya says let me go and find it out where she is, Rajshri says to varsha I know you are worried for Kuhu, Varsha says I am worried for both Kuhu and Mishti, Kuhu is still their daughter-in-law but we haven’t even initiated the talk of Mishti’s alliance with them.

Mishti comes home and informs all that Mehul uncle is staying with them and Meenakshi aunty says the birthday of Abir will be celebrated the way he wants. All gets happy to hear the news and Rajshri says to Mishti it is quite late in the night and you need to take rest as it was a long day. Mishti informs Varsha that Kuhu is very much loved by all in the family. Varsha gets happy to hear the news ands Mishti says she even arranged a birthday party for Abir.

In Rajvansh house, Mehul and Abir are talking in the room and Mehul says when I last saw you, you are a baby who slept keeping your head on my lap and now after all these years you have become a grown up man. Abir says along with me my queries regarding all of these also increased. Mehul says let me help you to initiate the questions. Parul on the other side, asks Meenakshi to practice music to calm down her mind. Meenakshi does the same while remembering all the moments and she then says I know what I have to do while Mehul says to Abir there is always a reason behind someone’s hate too but that doesn’t make both the person wrong at their place.

Mishti and Rajshri does some talk with each other at night. Later on, Kuhu entered her room and finds Kunal sleeping and she thinks it is good he is in sleep or else he will ask me now where are you and Kuhu also lays down in her side of the bed. Suddenly Kunal woke up and asks her where she is and with whom? Kuhu reminds of Abir words and she says you are going to blame Mishti now that due to her all of these are happening and Kunal says I am not able to understand what to do now? Kuhu says I can give you an idea but why will you listen to me? Kunal asks about the idea from her.

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ये रिश्ते हैं प्यार के 1 अक्टूम्बर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: – अबीर जन्मदिन पर यशपाल से एक अजीब उपहार प्राप्त करता है

Abir thinks Mishti did everything for him but his family will be unable to understand this. Kunal comes to him and wish him a birthday and says today will be your day only and no other talk. Abir says this is the best birthday of his life and Kunal smiles.

In the morning, Vishwambhar calls Abir to wish birthday and Abir says I know you people want me to talk to my family for Mishti but I am in a mess, Vishwambhar says he can understand that and no need to worry about it. Abir receives a birthday wish from Mishti in Whatsapp and he accidentally plays the voice and Vishwambhar pulls leg of Mishti a bit and hangs up the call. Abir listens to Mishti Voice message and thanks her for making it special.

Kuhu and the entire house brought cake for him and celebrating his birthday and Kuhu took the lead there. Kunal says how come you all can start celebrating without me? Kuhu says let’s go live and Abir is happy when he sees his mother and father is coming down and he gets relaxed to see them around him. Abir cuts the cake and feeds Meenakshi and he is about to feed cake to Mehul when Yashpal gifts him the papers he decided to give him last night as a gift. Abir is slowly opening the envelope.

Precap – Abir is shocked with the papers and Kunal is blaming Mehul when Mehul says your father is weak but not a cheat.