Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th August 2019 written update:- Abir finds out about the reality

The episode begins with all the ladies of the Maheshwari house are gossiping and conversing with each other when a random lady called Rajshri and inquiries her about the arrival of the marriage procession from the groom side.

Rajshri says her son just had a word with them and they will be on the way actually her son in law has to click pictures with all you beautiful ladies and that is why he is taking some more time in getting decked up.

Jasleen comes to Rajshri and says she is feeling uneasy as if something is wrong. She further says that if it is about any other people she will not worry this much but it is about Meenakshi and she is a secret enemy so I can’t trust her. Varsha asks Jasleen not to be so much negative and think about the positive outcomes right now so that family will not get the stressed match.

Kuhu comes there all tensed and informs them that she is unable to contact Kunal and his phone is out of range. This raises the eyebrows of Rajshri, Varsha, and Jasleen all together and they get tensed about what is going on.

Here in the large one’s house, Parul and Meenakshi come face to face for a confrontation. Parul comes and questions Meenakshi that when Mishti has accomplished her promise of being bad to her own family and leaving them then why are you not completing your promise to get Kuhu and Kunal married.

Parul asks her further that if she is willing to call off the marriage then what is the point of dragging it to the wedding? Meenakshi answers in anger their family and Mishti rejected my son Kunal and insulted him. Due to them only, Abir and Kunal get into a fight for the first time. Hence they must have to face the consequences in against of insulting my son.

In the Maheshwari house, all the ladies gathered in Kuhu’s room and they are continuously trying to reach out to any of the family members of Kunal but failed to do so. Seeing no other hope left, Kuhu finally calls Ketki to know about the situation.

Yashpal asks Ketki not to disconnect the call and talk to Kuhu. Ketki assures Kuhu that she is ready and they are about to exit for Maheswari house but Kunal is taking so much time to get ready. Yashpal compliments Kuhu for breathtakingly beautiful looks in her wedding.

On the other side, Meenakshi is walking out from Parul as she doesn’t want to talk to him about this matter but stops midway when she spots Abir is standing right there.

Abir thanks Parul for letting him know the reality and promises Meenakshi that he will set things right and gives her an ultimatum of 15 minutes to bring back Kunal. He tells Meenakshi that being your son you must know that whenever I make a promise I always keep it.

Abir comes out of Rajvansh house and remembers the behavior of Misty in last some days. Ae Dil hai mushkil song plays in the background. Meenakshi watches a baby going out of the house from upstairs. Kuhu, on the other hand, is waiting impatiently for them in palpitations.

Mishti sits in a car after repair when she spots Abir, she is about to call him but stops and Abir also fails to notice her. Meenakshi comes to Parul and asks for her help to manage and control Abir.

Parul says whatever you will ask from me I will do it but on one condition. Parul demands from Meenakshi that she has to bring Kunal back for the wedding as whatever he is doing out of rage is not a mere mistake but a sin. Kunal will not be able to become happy ever in his life if he breaks a girls heart, a family and leaves her on the wedding day.

Parul tries to knock some sense in Meenakshi and asks if Kunal did the same what your husband did to you then what will be the difference between him and your husband? They both are used on this matter when Parul finally says that if who is an illegitimate child, then Kunal is no different. She warns Meenakshi that if you don’t pay heed to my words, I have to tell Kunal who is his real mother. She also gives one Meenakshi an ultimatum till the lamp get extinguishes. Meenakshi e goes in a dilemma about what to do?

On the other hand, Abir asks Atul to help to manage this situation after receiving a call from Kuhu.

Precap – Abir confronts Kunal and Meenakshi together. Atul appears in Maheshwari house in the grooms get up.