Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th December 2019 Written Update: Mishti reveals a shocking truth to Kunal

Today’s episode starts with Kunal about to give spike drink to Nishant but recalls Abir’s word and stops. He goes to Abir and says thank you. Abir ask Kunal is he is hiding something from him, as he can sense. Kunal excuses himself and leaves. Abir thinks to confront Meenakshi.

There, Mishti tells to Nishant that she wants to meet Abir before her birthday gets over. Nishant ask her to listen to him once. Mishti gives him the spiked drink glass and ask him to wait till she comes back. A locket falls from Abir’s pocket and he leaves. Kuhu runs to Kunal and tells him that Nishant is getting attack. Kunal worries. There, Mishti too worries for Nishant and ask everyone to stay away from him till doctor come. There, Abir looks for Meenakshi and ask Parul if she know where is she. Here, doctor comes and everyone takes Nishant to the room.

Parul says to Abir she doesn’t know, as Meenakshi don’t share things with her now. Abir shares his worry with Parul and says Meenakshi has again trapped Kunal for her motives. Other side, doctor tells to Maheshwari family that after blood report will come they will come to know which drink he has consumed.
Abir tells to Parul that they need to tell the truth to Kunal before it gets late. Ahead, Kunal confronts in front of Kuhu that he has spiked Nishant’s drink. Mishti and Kuhu gets shocked.

Later, Kuhu lie to the family that they don’t know who mixed alcohol in Nishant’s drink and tells to doctor that whisky was mixed in the drink. Ahead, Mishti confronts Kunal on mixing alcohol in Nishant’s drink. Later, Mishti tells to Kunal that he is Parul’s son not Meenakshi’s. Kunal stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Kunal ask Abir if Meenakshi is not her mother. He meets with an accident and Abir stands shocked.