Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke 20th January 2020 Written Update: ABIR AND NISHANT CHALLENGE EACH OTHER

The episode starts with Meenakshi and Nidhi offering snacks to guests. Meenakshi receives Abir’s call and he asks her if marriage registerer has come and she replies that he has sonAbir asks her to bring Parul home as he is coming too. He cuts the call.

Dheere dheere plays as Abir walks towards home. Mishti is seen walking outside too but she stops her steps and thinks that Abir won’t ever come so it is useless to wait for him. Nishant looks at her.

Meenakshi asks police officer to take back her complain against Parul as soon as she will call him once marriage is done. She cuts the call and then goes to welcome Abir while the bride is getting ready.

She goes outside and Abir is there. He asks her about Parul and Meenakshi replies that she will get released after he gets married only. Abir blames her for sending an innocent into jail and making him forcefully marry a stranger girl. Meenakshi says that she is not Mishti and that is enough and accepts using Kunal first and now Parul to blackmail him. She says she will do everything that is in her hands to keep him away from Mishti.

It is revealed that Abir was on call with Kunal all the time and the latter is at the police station. Kunal made the inspector listen to Meenakshi’s confession and asks her to release Parul from jail. The inspector agrees. Abir tells Meenakshi that Parul is free now and he won’t marry anyone else except Mishti. He says that he loves Mishti and will do anything to protect her. He goes inside home.

Jasmeet and everybody else are worried because Mishti isn’t home. She comes back and Rajshri questions her about where she was. Nishant thinks that everybody is scared that Mishti was gone to meet Abir. Kuhu tells everyone that Mishti was gone out to get some fresh air. Jasmeet says that Mishti should go to her father’s place leaving them if she wants fresh air. Varsha scolds her. Mishti tells them that she had gone to meet Abir not to get fresh air. Everybody gets shocked.

Abir enters in his room and looks outside recitating a shayari for Mishti. Nanu looks at him.
On the other hand Rajshri asks Mishti why she went to meet Abir at which Jasmeet replies that she is still in love with him.

Vishambharnat questions Mishti. She replies that she didn’t want Abir to ruin another function coming in front of them and she told Abir that he is her past and has no place in her present and future. She guarantees everybody that she won’t back off from the decision Vishambharnat took for her. Mishti apologizes to Jasmeet. Kuhu receives Kunal’s message in which he tells her that Parul is coming home and Abir didn’t get married to anybody else. Kuhu thinks that Abir solved everything after meeting Mishti for five minutes.

Kunal takes Parul out of the police station. She cries recalling how Meenakshi got her arrested. Kunal makes her sit in the car. He thinks that Abir saved her and proved he is an amazing son whereas he doesn’t even know how to talk to his own mother. Parul wonders what to say to Kunal too.

Meenakshi is enraged and tells Nanu that she is Abir’s mother and he threatened her. Nanu says that she had threatened him and tells her that Parul saved her or else police would have arrested her for fake complain.

Meenakshi says that she just wanted Abir to forget Mishti. Nanu replies that love cannot be forgotten and Abir loves Mishti. Meenakshi says that she hates Mishti and asks if she can’t take any decision for her son. Nanu says that he didn’t want her to marry Mehul too still she married him. Meenakshi says that it was a mistake and she won’t let Abir repeat the same mistake. She declares that she will leave the house if Abir keeps wanting Mishti.

Kunal and Parul reach home. Ketki comes to take Parul but Abir takes Ketki away to make chai asking Kunal to bring Parul inside. Parul says she will go inside herself. She steps in the house crying and is about to fall but Kunal holds her. Nanu and Abir smile looking at them. Title track plays.

Vishambharnat comes in Mishti’s room and asks her why she had to meet Abir. Mishti replies that she will apologize to Jasmeet. Vishambharnat asks her for what she will apologize to a mother who is worried about her son’s future since Abir could come back again.

Parul asks Abir if he will go to meet Mishti tomorrow and he says yes. Parul asks Abir why he loses control on himself seeing Mishti nowadays. Abir replies that it is because of Nishant who is Mishti’s best friend and Mishti stays very happy with him. Parul asks him if he is jealous of Nishant and Mishti’s friendship. Abir replies that he is jealous but he has to see them together continuously. He says that he will make Mishti realize that she loves him only. Meenakshi overhears him.

Vishambharnat warns Mishti that she will be the one to be blamed if Nishant’s heart breaks. He leaves followed by Rajshri. Varsha makes Mishti understand that their family will break if something happens to this alliance.
Abir tells Parul that Mishti will ruin his, her own and Nishant’s lives with this marriage so she has to stop.

Later Abir and Nishant meet and Abir asks him not to get married to Mishti. Nishant laughs and says that he should say this to Mishti. Abir starts talking about Mishti and the times she tried talking to him but he didn’t listen to him. He tells Nishant that Mishti may forgive him soon and he will get hurt but he knows that they love each other so why he accepted to marry her.

Nishant replies that she agreed to marry him too and reminds him how he broke her heart and he had to bring her out of that darkness. Abir says he deserves a second chance because Mishti still loves him and he loves her too but Nishant doesn’t listen to him and says he is a better choice than him for Mishti. They take all this as a challenge. Nishant asks Abir to go away from their life but Abir refuses and says that this story will always remain his and Mishti’s.
Episode ends

Precap: Nishant invites Abir to his mehendi function and see whom Mishti chooses. Abir says he will come and they will get to know that Mishti’s hatred, pain, anger is for him only because her love is for him only as well.