Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th March 2020 Written Update: ABIR AND KUNAL ENJOY AT THE RESORT WITH THEIR MISHTI AND KUHU

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nanu asking Abir where he and Kunal are. Abir tells him that they are in the resort and asks him why he is talking like they have been kidnapped. Nanu tells him that Meenakshi has come back home. Kunal asks if she is fine. Abir says that he motto is not to be fine and not to let anyone be fine.

Abir tells Nanu that the girls have given them 0 numbers for their plan and now they are even been thrown out of the rooms. Nanu says that he knew it before that this would happen if they will make their wives upset. Kunal asks him not to put salt on their wound and give a suggestion to convince their respective wives. Nanu suggests them to do romance like he did.

Kunal says that Kuhu and Mishti have given them comparment and if they start romancing they will directly fail then. Nanu asks them to stop ruining his reputation and celebrate honeymoon. Abir thanks him for the suggestion and reality check and cuts the call.

Kunal asks Abir what they shall do now. Abir indicates a board about someone’s engagement.
Meanwhile Kuhu and Mishti ask the receptionist the keys of Kunal and Abir’s rooms. The receptionist tell them that only Abir’s room is ready for now. Mishti asks the keys. Kuhu asks the receptionist how much it will take for Kunal’s room to be ready. The receptionist replies that she will check and tell.

Kuhu tells Mishti that she is saying this for the first time that she was right and Kunal and Abir pranked them. Mishti says that she is right sometimes but she is the one who takes time to understand and asks her to understand quickly the next time. Kuhu says that nothing will happen like it didn’t happen today and says that thankfully she doesn’t have to share her room with her.

Just then the receptionist apologizes to Kuhu because the guests in Kunal’s room will check out two hours later and gives Mishti the keys of the room. Kuhu says that Kunal paid for the room so it is not Mishti’s only. Mishti agrees to let her come in her room.

Nanu tells Parul about Abir and Kunal’s holiday with Mishti and Kuhu. Parul says that Meenakshi will be so angry knowing that they went without telling anything to her. She thinks to call Kunal and ask him to come back. Nanu says that they should let them have their holiday and hopes that Meenakshi doesn’t ask them to come back since Abir won’t surely come back but Kunal won’t refuse to Meenakshi. Nanu asks Parul not to tell anything to Meenakshi. Parul agrees.

Meenakshi hears this so when Nanu leaves, she asks Parul what happened. Parul says nothing. Meenakshi asks her if she has started hiding stuff from her too. She asks Parul what happened since she seems tensed. Parul says that she is thinking about Kunal who has gone somwhere without telling her but she will make him understand once he is back. She walks away.

Meenakshi drops a plate with spice and asks Parul to clean it. Parul agrees. Meenakshi says that they should not interfere in each other’s work: housework is Parul’s work while worrying about Kunal is Meenakshi’s so Meenakshi says that she will make Kunal understand and leaves.

On the other hand Kuhu complains for the clothes and wants to go home. Mishti says that she is cool with her outfit and won’t go home since boys made booking for them. Kuhu says she is boring. They see a bride complaining about her lehenga. Kuhu says she is right and her lehenga is a disaster and her dupatta isn’t matching with the blouse. She says that it’s her engagement and she left the dupatta at Ahmedabad and now her outfit is ruined.

Mishti reads on board that the engagement is between Charmi and Ishaan and asks her if her name is Charmi recalling Abir taking this name in sleep. Charmi replies that it is. She complains about her outfit again. Mishti says that if she likes Ishaan, he will just see her smile in pictures not her outfit.
Kuhu asks Charmi not to listen to her who is very old minded and offers her help but Mishti says that she will come with them before she creates more issues.

Abir and Kunal come and see Kuhu, Kunal and Charmi leaving. Charmi winks to them. Abir says that she is so sweet to help them on her engagement day. Kunal hopes they don’t ruin her function. Abir says that they are performers and will just make it better. Nidhi scolds Kaushal for talking so much in front of Meenakshi. Kaushal says that he just said that Kunal must have taken the decision of not taking up the deal wisely since he is intelligent. Nidhi asks him to stop taking Kunal’s side since then house and company are Meenakshi’s while Kunal has declared that he isn’t Meenakshi’s son so Parul and Kunal aren’t part of this family.

Kaushal asks her to remember that Kunal and Parul are part of the family. Just then Nanu comes. Nidhi leaves. Nanu asks Kaushal to message Abir that Meenakshi is trying to contact Kunal so he should keep his phone away from him and keep Meenakshi and Kunal away from each other. Kaushal sends the message and asks Nanu why they sent such a message to Abir. Nanu says that Meenakshi will spoil their romantic movie which will turn into a horror one. Kaushal understands but suddenly he starts crying since he sent message to Meenakshi instead of Abir. Nanu bashes him crying too.

Charmi thanks Kuhu and Mishti for the help and ask them to stay since kawali is going to start in a while. Kuhu and Mishti agree. At the same time Kaushal tries taking Meenakshi’s phone but starts dancing when she looks at him. “Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal” plays. The kawali starts in the engagement party. Abir and Kunal come and dance with Mishti and Kuhu.

Nanu emotionally asks Meenakshi if she hasn’t time to talk with her father. Meenaskhi says that she is just tensed because she doesn’t know about Kunal’s whereabouts and thinks to call him. Kaushal asks if he should call him. Meenakshi refuses and leaves calling Kunal. Ketki asks Kaushal and Nanu what happened since they look scared. They make excuses but Ketki says that she knows about the message and has deleted it. Kaushal and Nanu compliment her. Ketki says that she has messaged Abir as well but the message hasn’t been delivered yet.

On the other hand Kunal asks the receptionist for another room. Mishti and Abir argue about Charmi and Abir ends up calling Mishti as Charmi too. Mishti glares at him. Abir says that she looks cute when she is jealous. Kunal argues with receptionist because previous guests haven’t checked out yet from room and there isn’t any other room available. Mishti asks Kuhu and Kunal to take their room while she and Abir will spend the night on poolside. Abir says it’s a great idea. Kunal and Kuhu agree too.

Meenakshi is worried because Kunal isn’t picking up calls and she doesn’t know where he is since morning. She wonders what to do. She tracks Kunal and Abir and finds out their location. She thinks that now also Kunal has left her. (Episode ends)

Precap: Abir asks Mishti why she is behaving so stubbornly and says that she is behaving like Meenakshi now. Mishti refuses to go back home but Abir says that he will go because his brother is leaving. Later Mishti asks the guard if any car has just left from resort. The guard tells him that a car with three people has just left.