Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th September 2019 written update: Happy days ahead for Mishti and Abir, Abir manages to cheer Kunal finally

The episode begins with Abir is thinking he has to do something regarding his relationship with Mishti. He is worried about Mishti and thinks to give her a call when Yashpal comes in his room to ask if it will be okay to talk to Vishwambhar directly instead of giving him a call? Abir says ok so you please handle that while I have to ask about Mishti. He was about to call Mishti when Jugnu calls him and says Kunal is going out for a jog, He decides to pacify Kunal first and then he will handle Mishti. Kunal is doing his daily jog when Abir comes in front of him and starts to do Yoga.

Kunal asks him what are you doing when Abir says I am exercising, Kunal gets him faking it and is about to go when Abir stops him and says he is used to his mother being angry and annoyed at him from childhood but he is not used to his ignorance and anger for him. He is not interested in doing that either. He says I am not okay with you being angry on me as I need you so much.

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Kunal says even though I am not okay to be angry with you. Abir asks Kunal that he has got his bike and he will take him for a ride. Kunal gets excited and happy and agrees. He is about to hug him when Abir gets a call from Vishwambhar, who asked him to come and meet him.

Abir goes to Maheswari house while Kunal is all cheerful and happy and he returns home and does fun with Jugnu. Kuhu gets a call from Jasmeet about the developments in the house and feels sad that due to her her mother and Mishti is bearing so many sufferings. She notices Kunal and finds him very happy and she asks Jugnu what is the matter when he says that Kunal and Abir patched up with each other. She gets excited and starts jumping and ends up hurting Meenakshi. Meenakshi smiles seeing her innocence and asks why she is so happy?

Kuhu says I have good news for you that is Kunal and Abir sorted their problems. Meenakshi gets happy and thanks to God for showering her blessings on her family. She thinks now even her husband won’t be able to break the bond she builds among their kids from childhood as it is so strong.

Vishwambhar comes to Maheswari house with Abir and they get settled for doing a conversation. Abir tells Vishwambhar about him and Mishti and says I have come here to ask Mishti’s hand from you. Abir tells him that he likes Mishti and he will do every possible try to keep her happy all along.

Vishwambhar gives him two situations which he has to deal with and Abir says a relation gets stronger based on the two people who are in it, if they are strong enough among each other no one can break it. He told Vishwambhar Kunal already asked me this question and here I am still sitting in front of you. I will keep your daughter Mishti the happiest possible in my capacity and Mishti is overwhelmed with his talks.

Later on, Vishwambhar asks Mishti if she wants to go ahead with the alliance or not? As the way will not be easy at all. Mishti says she knows it but she is ready for the ride if Abir is with her. Rajshri signs Vishwambhar and he finally gives his approval for Abir and Mishti relationship.

Varsha gets upset and leaves from there which Abir noticed but he is so happy with the moment and hugs Vishwambhar and Rajshri. Rajshri says to Abir, not my shadow but I am giving you a part of me and Abir says I will take care of it more than myself. Rajshri hugs him and says you are my son too and Abir gets emotional.

Precap – Abir, and Mishti are spending time when Abir gets a call from an unknown number, the voice says he is his father and he needs his help. Abir is shocked.