Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st August 2019 written update:- Kunal arrives at Maheshwari house for marriage

The episode starts with the landline of Maheshwari house rings and someone gives the cordless to Shaurya but he connects the call but didn’t pick up. Mishti is on call and she gets to hear that the marriage procession hasn’t arrived at Maheshwari house whereas there are only a few minutes left for the timeline of marriage to start. Mishti gets worried about marriage and thinks about what is happening in the house?

Kunal is getting restless in his hotel room and he feels guilty for hurting you and share that living you on the marriage day is much better than reading you because I don’t love you. He hears a knock on his door and he opened the door to get Meenakshi is standing there. He gets relieved to see his mom there and ask her about the state of the house. When Meenakshi asks him to promise her that he will do whatever she will ask him to.

Meenakshi asks Kunal to marry Kuhu. Kunal gets shocked to hear this and asks Meenakshi what is she saying? At the same moment, Abir appears at the hotel room of Kunal. Mishti here gets in a dilemma that did all my doings go in vain and she texts Meenakshi about completing the promise of marriage. Kunal gets shocked to see Abir there and he is so mad at Kunal for being so irresponsible and impulsive.

Here in the Maheshwari house, all are getting tensed for the arrival of marriage procession and Varsha asks Shaurya to go Rajvansh house and brings them. Rajshri asks Shaurya not to do such stupidity as it doesn’t look cool.

Here Abir burst out at Kunal for escaping his own marriage and says you left a girl who is waiting for you with her all life desires. He says you are going to ruin a girl’s life and her happiness. How can you do this? He says he has sent Atul to Maheswari house settled on the horse to manage for the hour. Kunal looks at Meenakshi with teary eyes and says you lied to me mom and Meenakshi is skeptical about Kunal blurts out the truth.

Abir questions Meenakshi about what lies he is talking about? Kunal manages the situation but Abir slams him. He cries with his behavior and says I am feeling ashamed to call you my brother. He further tells him you came here on Meenakshi’s insist now will you take a stand for your love and prove that you are my brother too.

Yes, I have rights on you too as I have made you walk so today I want to see how much you value our relations. I am waiting for you downstairs and if you don’t come down then I will get my answer and will go far away. If you left my hand today then our companionship will get over too. Abir is shocked to see his brother like that and looks at Meenakshi.

He tells her that forced relationship is a real punishment and today you are giving me that. Meenakshi thinks whatever I am doing is to make you stay away from your biggest reality.

Marriage procession reaches Maheswari house and Mishti gets the video and feels relaxed. Kuhu also sees the video and uploads it. Mishti is imagining Abir everywhere in the airport staff and misses him. Varsha welcomes the groom while Rakshri is missing Mishti. They ask the groom to reveal his face and Kunal manages to the place of the groom beforehand and he comes out. All welcome him and his family down. Kunal gets shocked and mesmerized to see Kuhu coming down as his bride. Abir welcomes Kuhu in his family and looks for Mishti everywhere.
Time for garland exchange has come and Meenakshi asks Kunal to take the garland but he is lost in his thoughts.

Precap – Vishwambhar informs Abir about Mishti, he decides to go to the airport by horse riding to complete Mishti’s fairytale.