Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st February 2020 Written Update: Abir and Mishti are finally married

The episode starts with Pandit Ji saying that vows have to happen on bus only. Everybody wonders how they will walk to take vows on such a small place. Mishti says that they didn’t think about that. Abir recitates a poetry and everybody claps. He lifts up Mishti in his arms and takes the vows.

The wedding gets completed and Mishti says they had to marry on bus because they met for the first time on bus only. Abir jokes about it. Nidhi says a wedding like this was never seen and she took all the limelight. Kuhu looks on. Rajshri says that she was scared that the muhurat could have gone. Mishti says that she learnt from her only that every moment is auspicious if you do things with heart.

Mishti asks Kuhu if she is happy for getting the wedding she wanted. Kuhu says she is and thanks her. Mishti says she is happy because both of them got what they wanted. Rajshri says that now they have to bid adieu to both their daughters. Meenakshi says she can’t wait to welcome them in their house. Mishti and Abir take blessing from her.

Later Kuhu and Kunal sit together. Kunal says that the marriage finally happened. Kuhu says it’s their real wedding finally. Kunal says that he doesn’t know what happens in a real marriage though.

Kuhu replies that she doesn’t know too but now that they are together they will figure out everything together. They hold their hands and look at each other. Bekhudi plays. Suddenly Ketaki interrupts them and asks Kunal to come to click pictures with her. Kunal looks at Kuhu before leaving.

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Jasmeet comes and says that Mishti is very smart since she got everybody’s sympathy first giving up the mandap and letting Kuhu marry first and then snatched all the limelight.

She asks Kuhu to make sure that the fact that Meenakshi loves her and hates Mishti never changes. Kuhu says that everyone loves her more but it’s Kunal who suddenly became Mishti’s friend. Parul calls Kuhu for bidaai.

Vishambharnat says that they want to do the bidaai with marwari style. Rajshri explains that the bride looks back again towards and break a diya after crossing the doorstep. She asks Mishti to start the ritual. Kuhu asks if her bidaai won’t happen. Varsha says no because she doesn’t want to cry. Jasmeet adds that Kuhu is already the daughter of Rajvansh Mansion so she doesn’t need a bidaai.

Meenakshi apologizes and says that today only one bidaai shall happen since she is already their daughter. Kuhu says she is right and she must go home to welcome Mishti there. Varsha asks them to wait and gives them gifts as blessings taking from them a promise that they won’t hide anything from now onwards. They promise that and then leave.

Mishti’s bidaai starts and she steps outside the house crying and recalling moments with the family. She emotionally looks at Maheshwaris and then breaks the diya following the ritual. Rajshri cries hugging her.

Vishambharnat cries too. Mishti says that she thought that she would have been so happy that she would not cry on bidaai but now her tears aren’t stopping. She hugs Vishambharnat crying. Abir asks them not to make him cry and break his tough boy image.

Vishambharnat asks Mishti and Abir to take care of each other and reminds them that the gates of their house will always be open for them. Abir cries and hugs him. Mishti tells Meenakshi that her son is snatching her family who loves him more than her. Meenakshi suggests her to do the same with his family.

On the other hand Kuhu and Kunal are about to talk but Nidhi comes and interrupts them to ask Kuhu how the aarti thaal looks. Kunal gets angry because they aren’t letting him talk with Kuhu.

Nidhi leaves. Kuhu says the problem is exactly that they didn’t talk and asks Kunal if he wanted this to happen only. Kunal says he wants to talk with her now. Jugnu comes but Kunal takes Kuhu away.

Varsha hugs Mishti and blesses her. Then Mishti hugs Jasmeet who asks her not to break the house she is going in. Mishti looks at her and then turns around.

Epieode ends

Precap: Abir says that he still can’t trust Meenakshi. The latter asks everybody to make sure that Mishti’s entry in the house is memorable but when Mishti and Abir come nobody is there. Mishti asks Abir if everyone left them.