Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st September 2020 Written Update: Kuhu is pregnant, Rajvansh’s congratulates Mishti

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st September 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode with Parul asking Mishti why she is making so much food? Mishti says she was free so thought to prepare lunch for everyone. Abir comes and tease Mishti. Parul bless Mishbir.

There, Kunal confronts Kuhu. He asks Kuhu why she risked baby’s life. Kuhu feels bad and apologizes to Kunal. Kunal clicks Kuhu’s picture. Other side, Varhsa asks Jasmeet to throw Kuhu’s stuff. Rajshree and Vishambhar console Varsha. Varsha shares with them Kuhu disappointed her.

Other side, Nidhi receives Kuhus report. Abir takes the envelope and prays to God that whatever is written in the report is their destiny and none can change it. He reads the report and informs Mishti that she is soon going to be a mother. Rajvash’s celebrates. Abir ignores Meenakshi. Here, Kuhu feels bad when everyone congratulates Mishti and ignores her.

Further, Mishti gifts Kuhu golden bangle given to her by Meenakshi. Kuhu gets happy. Parul feeds sweet to everyone. Later, Abir surprises Mishti. He decorates a room for her. Mishti gets happy. Mishbir spends the quality time together. Ahead, Abir shares with Mishti that he got scared when Kuhu escaped from the house. Mishti console Abir.

Other side, Kuhu gets an opportunity to become a model. Director tells to Kuhu about contract and no-pregnancy clause. Kuhu stands shocked hearing that.

In the morning, Mishti wakes up and thanks God for giving them happiness. She thinks of Kuhu and Kunal and says this happiness is possible only because of them. There, Kuhu receives the modeling contract. She dreams of getting fame. Kuhu worries for baby and thinks if anything happen to baby than she will not get anything from Meenakshi. She further thinks if she herself got fame than she doesn’t need anyone’s help. Kuhu thinks to sign the contract but Kunal interrupts her.

Meanwhile, Mishti prays to God for Kuhu and Kunal’s happiness. She asks God to fulfill Kuhu’s dream too. There, Kuhu tells to Kunal about the modeling offer. Kunal gets happy. But asks Kuhu to wait for one year as she is pregnant.(Episode Ends)

Precap: Abir and Kunal turns Mishti and Kuhu.