Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd August 2019 written update:- Abir meets his friend in airport

The episode starts with Kunal takes the garland from Meenakshi and looked lost and broken. Meenakshi is feeling upset to see Kunal like this but she has no other ways. Kuhu is really excited for her marriage, she puts the garland around his neck cheerfully and giggles. Kunal is still lost and finding it hard to digest the things happening around him. Yashpal comes forward and says you should keep some swag, you wore the garland so soon?

Kunal pretends to smile. Shaurya says swag is only from Kuhu’s side. They come forward and lift Kuhu up when Atul and Abir also did the same and asks Kunal to make her wear the garland. He puts the garland around her neck. They all clapped in happiness while Vishwambhar is recording the whole thing. Kuhu and Kunal settle on a couch till the ceremony starts when Abir notices Vishwambhar and asks him about Mishti. Vishwambhar asks him to send the pictures as he doesn’t really know all this. He does it for him when Vishwambhar informs him that Mishti is in the airport and not at home. They are doing as per the condition is given by Meenakshi. Abir says sorry on behalf of her. Vishwambhar asks him not to be. Yashpal comes and assures Abir that she is about to go and not left yet so he has time still.

They came out to look for a car but gets a horse. Abir says every girl dreams of their prince charming to arrive in a white horse. He sees the horse of groom and gets on it. Yashpal gets happy and says wow a donkey is on a horse, very good, please don’t let me down and be back with her. Abir promises him that he will be back with her only.

Mishti here stands in the queue of boarding pass checking and hoping for a miracle to happen. On the other hand, Abir is asking all to vacant the road as he is in a hurry. A woman asked if he as a groom is escaping the marriage? Abir says no this groom is going to be his bride. Wish me luck…. Unknown to him his wallet falls from the pocket, he opened his pagri too while Mishti keeps on looking back and keeps a tiny hope in mind.

At that moment, a girl entered the airport corridor with guards and people. All get excited to see her there, many asked her for a selfie and claims to be a big fan of hers. Abir reaches the airport and prays to god and sealed a deal with 70-30 partnership. He wants to go inside but no one allows him, some suspect him as an anti-social while he cries for his innocence and asks them to let him go. That girl turned out to be Abir’s friend who told the police he is a known person and an award winner and you don’t know him? Abir addresses her as Ellie while Abir says Mishti will leave. Ellie says that’s so cute and wants to know more but Abir asks for help. She recommended Abir and the security people let him in.

Here in Maheswari house, the guests are congratulating the newlywed couple wishes for their upcoming life. Housemates ask Kunal to get ready for the ceremony when he says he will go with his mom. Rajshri asks Meenakshi if there is some issue? Meenakshi says he is upset with me and nothing else. Varsha and Shaurya are conversing about everything are happening in a good way and Parul gets happy to listen that they are happy to have Kunal.

Abir tries to connect Mishti but couldn’t but the other passenger starts to chant Mishti name seeing his eagerness. Mishti listens to it and stops and feels Abir must be here. She is about to back when the staff members ask her to board in so that they can close the gate of the flight. Mishti gets upset and goes in a dilemma about what to do?

Precap – Kunal asks Meenakshi to stop all these while Abir and Mishti confess about their love to each other.