Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd November 2019 Written Update : Mishti and Abir part ways

Episode begins with Mishti is sitting alone in her room and Kuhu comes to meet her. Mishti asks Kuhu how did you get your bag do you remember? Kuhu says yes even you know na I got it after so much struggle.

Mishti says in the same way I am the love of Abir and he cannot leave me like this. Kuhu says to Mishti you are not accepting the reality, she showed her the message she got from which is written that he doesn’t want to keep in a relationship with her. Mishti thanks and says now I should you want my answer that why did he do this? Rajshri come there and says you will not go to meet Abir.

Mishti tries to convince her and says that it is really important for me to go and confront him for once. I need my answers and only he can give me that and you really think he can behave with me in such a way? I am sure someone is behind it and I am also sure he is not doing it willingly. What if he is in some problem and he needs me. Hence I need to go and have a check on this and post that whatever you will ask me to do, I will do it.

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Vishwambhar comes there and says can you promise me that Mishti? Mishti says of course I am promising you I will do whatever you will ask me to do but as of now let me go please. He finally gives her permission and says go and get your answers. Kunal is trying to message Kuhu to find out what is happening and then he thinks how come she will know what his brother did. He is looking disturbed when Parul comes there and asks where is Abir?

Kunal says brother must be in the room and Abir comes out of the room. Kunal gets shocked to see him looking all normal and fine. Kunal tries to ask him what is the matter but he says that he has done something Kunal is asking from long. Kunal says I am not here to celebrate the heartbreak of my brother, hence I want to know what is the truth?

Abir says there is no truth or no lies in it, it’s just that I don’t want to which my family again like I did the previous time. Kunal gives him smile but he is not fully convinced with his answers and he knows there is something which Abir is hiding from him. In the Maheshwari house, Rajshri is  worried about Mishti when vishwamber says to the family members that he is officially cancel the alliance of Mishti and Abir.

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Moreover Mishti will come back home with broken hearts and we all need to be her support. Whatever happened today didn’t happen out of any misunderstanding, it was all pre planned and well processed.

Mishti meets Abir at the same Park where they used to meet with each other. She confronts him about the reality and tries to make him understand that she was there for him and he can tell her the truth. Abir keeps on saying that he doesn’t trust her anymore hence he doesn’t love her and he doesn’t want to continue with this relationship.

Mishti says our mutual decision to be in this relationship so breaking up from it can’t be your own decisions. Abir looks into her eyes and says that I don’t love you in this is what you wanted to hear from me right? Mishti realise that there is no point in trying to convince him anymore and she said you used to call me angry thief but today I am robbed here.

Precap : Mishti is leaving for London, Abir comes at the airport to meet her.


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